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Billy Reid sport coat quality

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Hi all -

New here but wanted to ask about the quality of Billy Reid sport coats. I tried one on that fit well but I'm not sure about pulling the trigger so any comments or feedback appreciated!

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Depends which ones you're talking about, I have one made in the USA and one made in Italy - their made in the USA sportscoats are fully canvassed and really nicely made. Classic proportions with higher armholes typically. The made in Italy sportcoats are also quite nice, but the construction seems to vary based on the different fits - deconstructed etc. They're also typically a bit cropped in the length. Got any pictures of the one you were eyeing?

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Thanks for the quick feedback! Sure - it was the Dorsey jacket made in New Hampshire I think if I remember what the sales guy told me correctly. The link on the Billy Reid site is: https://www.billyreid.com/products/dorsey-jacket-grey-orange and I've attached a picture as well:
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I've seen this one in person, the fabric is killer - if it fits you well, at that price, it's a very nice American made jacket. I believe they are made by Southwick? Not super positive on that one, but nevertheless the quality is top notch.


I have this one and love it.

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