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I don't believe someone has done this in the past, so here goes. As a tall guy myself, it can be quite tricky knowing where to look in the first place to find things that fit. Whilst MTM and bespoke easily solve these issues, it's not practical for many men, both from a financial and time perspective. 


Therefore, I thought it would be useful to have a thread which could act as an ongoing guide to RTW brands which are better suited for taller men. If you've had personal experience with a brand that will work well for tall guys, then it would be really helpful to let everyone know so that we can continue to update this list going forward!


To start us off, I've listed most of the brands I know offer RTW tailoring and shirts that will suit the taller man:



Ben Silver 


Offers a good selection of suits and sports coats in longer lengths. 




Does make long length suits and jackets, but I have no personal experience with this brand.


Brooks Brothers


Offers suits, sport coats, blazers, trousers, shirts and outerwear in long sizes.




Standard shirts come with a 34 inch sleeve, but this can be extended to 35. However, there is a charge for this service.


Charles Tyrwhitt


Shirts come in longer sleeve lengths from 35 to 38 inches. However, these are not available for every collar size. Suit and jackets come in long sizes, however button stances remain quite high which can be an issue. Trousers come in longer lengths (34 and 38 inches) but strangely retain very low rises - sizing up can alleviate this somewhat, but obviously you’ll then need to have them altered. Certain overcoats are also offered in long sizes.


Chester Barrie


All of Chester Barrie’s suit and jacket ranges come in long sizes. Mainline trousers come unfinished with a very generous inseam and a relatively high rise, so tall guys shouldn’t have any trouble.




Offers suits and jackets in long sizes.


Ermenegildo Zegna 


Does make long length suits and jackets, but I have no personal experience with this brand.




Offers certain suits and sports coats in long sizes. However, some models are in a “modern slim” cut. These are significantly shorter with low rise pants, so avoid if you're very tall.


Hawes and Curtis 


Shirts offered in extended sleeve lengths of 35 - 38 inches.


Hugo Boss


Offers long length suit sizes, however I have no personal experience with this brand.


Jos A. Bank


Does make long length suits, jackets, and coats. I have little personal experience with this brand.


Marks & Spencer 


Offers suits and jackets in long sizes, but button stances can sometimes be a bit high. Trousers go up to a 33 inch inseam and tend to have a relatively high rise. Has a very small selection of shirts with 2 inch longer (approx. 36.5”) sleeves. Also stocks a big and tall range with extra long sizes in both suits, jackets and trousers. Online only.




Offers traditional suits, jackets and outerwear in long sizes.


Oliver Brown 


Little known London store which stocks a wide range of traditional English suits and country tweeds in longer length sizes. They come in pretty long, so some guys may be better with a regular.


Ralph Lauren


Apparently does (or did) make suits and sport coats in long lengths, but I haven't seen them for sale in some time...can anyone elaborate?




Most suits, coats and jackets are available in longer sizes. Be warned: you must be very tall and slim to wear long sizes - they are significantly longer and much slimmer than regular garments. Shirts are also available in long lengths.


Tom Ford


Offers (really expensive) suits and jackets in long sizes. Be warned - jackets are stylistically cut longer, so for some men an R will fit better.


T.M. Lewin


Offers shirts in longer sleeve lengths up to 37 inches. Suits and jackets offered in long sizes. However, trousers do not come in longer lengths meaning that rise may be an issue. Also offers longer length ties.