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Moe Ginsburg
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Dear Arvi, what a delightful bit of nostalgia you brought to mind with your entry on men's shops of days gone by. The House Of Cromwell, Ltd, on the corner of 56th street and Lexington avenue was the delight of my days as a young man shopping in the largest 'candy-store in the world ', New York City. Thanks for bringing that back to mind once again. I often think back to that store as my reference point for excellent men's haberdashery. Hope all is going well with you. Mario

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Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman View Post

Does anyone recall or have any information on the New York City branch of Knize? E.g., location, years of operation, etc.?

My grandmother was a bookeeper there in the 1960's. I recall looking at its shop window on a Sunday. The window did not have terribly exciting stuff, but I was only a kid back then! To be charitable, my taste level has changed.

Closed 1970
See my post in AAAC:

I visited Knize in Vienna in Oct.' 05. Upon seeing the
storefront indicating a New York branch, I asked when did
the New York store close? 1970. At the time I lived
in New York and I remember it having very understated
classical clothing, which I couldn't possible afford.
Their current RTW, at least as of two years ago,
has more flair but still in superb good taste.

This is a repeat. I hadn't realized that I had already answered this above.
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For the last 25 years, I've worn a variety of collared shirts from The Custom Shop on 5th Avenue. They belonged to my father and have been the source of much good-natured thievery between my three sisters and myself.  I wear one to sleep in almost every night and if one goes missing, I always know where to start looking.


All of the shirts have "RB" embroidered on the pocket, look good and feel great. I was searching online to see if the shop was still in business. I would have loved to buy some of these shirts for my husband, four sons and of course, for my darling sisters. It sounds like my great gift idea was a few years too late. It's too bad.


Thanks for the update.

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