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Great nyc men's shops of the past

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i'm feeling a little nostalgic this morning having accidentally pulled out a 30 year-old tie tie that i had saved for sentimental reasons..the label read R. Meladrandi..roland probably had the best taste level of any haberdasher/tailor of the 60s & 70s..ralph lauren probably worshipped at his doorstep like the rest of us poor (but rich in taste) from the bronx.. anyone have any other defunct stores from this era? e.g. mens town and country or hirsch brody
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Chipp on 44th St. (more authentically anachronistic college ambience than Brooks IMO and slightly less expensive) Dunhill Tailors on 57th St. (wonderful gray flannel suits) Peter Barton Shop on West 57th St (leather goods by Borrelli; updated prep wear for the '70s). Andre Oliver (cable cashmere crewneck sweaters)
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Tripler, the old Abercrombie and Fitch (pre-Bruce Weber), Sulka...
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here are few more that were more affordable for all of us trying to break out the 1950s juvenile delinquent look into college preppy... DeSilva (west 46 st) House of Cromwell (lexington ave in the 50s) Alvin Murray(grand conourse in the bronx) Sir George (outside the ccny campus in upper harlem) McCeedy & Schreiber (west 46th) for shoes that had names of exotic places and were custom stained to any shade of brown
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House of Cromwell (lexington ave in the 50s)
Arvi, Good memory. House of Cromwell also had a store on 42nd St. on 8th Avenue right up from the subway, unless my own early '60s memory is failing. Paul Stuart on a budget.
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compliments also to your memory stylestudent...i remember vividly the other cromwell (don't recall that the 2 were related though) and the seedy neighborhood even then..there were a lot of other men's stores along lex in those days;not to mention it was a much nicer neighborhood unless one wanted to see a porn flick after having acquired yet another paisley print shirt
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I remember going into Andre Oliver and seeing a round table with a circle of crew neck cashmere sweaters with every color of the rainbow. Great stuff. Beautiful sport coats that I now realize were similar to what you now see in Arny,s. And I am proud to say I still hold on to one R. Meladrandi dress shirt. It's too tight, hasn't been worn in 15 years, but I love it.
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Anybody old enough to remember what Abercrombie was before it was Abercrombie? V,L & D anyone?
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Wasn't Dormeuil in New York as well.
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Was Pucci based in New York? Not Emilio Pucci.
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Wind-Schaper near Grand Central, I still have a burnt orange challis tie from them. And British American House-- the big Daks source for New York.
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