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Watch Strap Question

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I have a Hamilton Khaki which is desperate need of a new leather band. When I went back to the original store where I bought the watch, the band was pretty expensive. However, I've seen seemingly the same band elsewhere (there's a guy at my barber that sells bands) for much less. Is there a difference between the bands or is it just the markup from where I choose to buy the band?

How do I tell what's good or bad? Any reputable watch band makers / sellers?

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My favourites are (in no order):


On ebay, my fav is Bob's Fine watch bands ,,,these are german made straps and very high quality for the price, albeit the 1-2 weeks of delivery time since they are based in Germany.


I used to own the 44mm Khaki which had 22mm lugs. But I know the smaller case khakis are probably 20mm.

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Unless someone else has been to your barber it will be hard to tell how the quality compares.


It could be they are identical and one simply has a higher mark up. It could be one is natural bridle leather and the other could be bonded leather and hence you'd except a massive difference in price. You'd judge the quality of the material in the same way you judge the quality of any leather

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As Astaroth says there can be huge differences in the quality of materials, construction, price and markup, just like in all things. All the usual caveats apply to watch straps as the watches themselves, you get what you pay for but more in some cases than other, given research you'll find you have a personal sweet spot in the Venn diagram of factors. The quickest but most expensive method of finding it is keep buying straps til you get what you want, the slowest version is find go to WatchuSeek or somehere and do some digging around!

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Is it worth buying the original watchband? I'm seeing that the original, authentic watchband is $120 for this watch and other replacement bands from regular manufacturers are MUCH less - almost $100 less. Not that I mind the price but I can't imaging that the original band is THAT much better.
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A band is a band. No need to drop a Franklin on plain leather.
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