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Quasi-Official Styleforum in Paris Image Dump / Thread of (Ill?) Repute

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Hi Guys,

It's your friendly fashion photographer Oisin / Eric here, with some pictures from Styleforum's trip to Paris. We've gathered content for weeks, but I'm here to run you through some of the highlights of our whirlwind trip to the City of Light.

Let's start with the awesome Deborah Neuberg of De Bonne Facture. She is a wonderful designer, has an eye for fabric, works with some of the best ateliers in France, and to top it off, is a truly nice human being.

I have nothing but great things to say about her and her clothes, and I'd probably punch in the face anyone who did. She clearly loves what she's doing.

She's also not averse to a little fun.

We did a lot of walking in Paris. To go to the places. To do the things. Well, most of us did a lot of walking. @LA Guy did a lot of scooting.

On those walks we saw people. Lots of people. Paris has the peoples. One of these people is Mariana:

I looked her up on Facebook later and I think she's a model. Go figure.

Another of these peoples is Jonathan:

As I chatted with him while taking his picture I learned he is also a model. Seriously?

These people are just très Parisian, or at least très Parisian tourists.

I also took a picture of these cool dudes.

That coat and that vest, amiright?

We also made time for some of our favorite SF people in Paris. @Fuuma was kind enough to meet us for drinks one night. He's great company, knowledgeable and worldly, and a good person to have a real discussion with while consuming a great deal of alcohol and cigarettes. He also took me and @Synthese to delicious Chinese another day. That's when I took this pic of them.

Pretty sure he's in all Margiela, except the scarf, which his Mom made him. Nice work, Mom!

If you want to see more of the Paris peoples, check out our ongoing thread on Paris street style:

Also, and this is a bit off topic, but my brother was flying from LA to Spain for work while we were in Paris, but his flight got screwed up and he had a 7 hour layover in Paris, so he took the train into the city to walk and drink wine. Smart guy that he is, he only had a t-shirt and it was 30F. So I bought him this rad sweater from French Trotters to wear and took this super touristy picture of him.

I totally ripped it off his body as he got on the train to the airport and am wearing it as I type this in my top floor, slanted ceiling airbnb flat where I keep bumping my head. He apparently made it to Spain where it is sunny and 65, just like LA.

I know you are already blown away by how hard we were working -- and there's more, much more, I promise -- but at least one night we let loose a tiny little bit. It might have looked something like this, if you had had a couple fewer drinks than we did.

Ok, back to work.

Well, not quite. Notably, one time @Synthese smiled.

At least I think that's a smile.

Probably because we were done with the trade shows for the day and he had bad beer, a baguette, and brie in his bag. Alliteration award, pls?

We also got our awesome model, Tommy, at Stephan Schneider's showroom, to smile once.

Most of the time he's like:

Fashion is serious business. Honestly though, Tommy was a really nice guy and a really good sport to patiently spend so much time in front of the camera for us.

Speaking of Stephan Schneider, we saw some truly cool stuff at his showroom. This collection was inspired by these blacked-over oil paintings. Most everything in the collection has hues of navy and burgundy.

A little kid in the showroom also stole my camera and took this picture of his father and Stephan Schneider.

I proceeded to take his lunch money. And my camera.

His father runs the style magazine Achtung. Check it out.

As always, @Synthese was my lighting test model, and I think he killed it.

Now let's pause for an inspirational message.

The world is yours, dear friends. Don't forget it.

Part of working is testing out the clothing. Here, @Synthese and I made sure Julius was still doing its thing.

My pants had sleeves for shotguns. I don't think they realized how useful that would be for me. Also, after trying on those clothes I seriously am considering living my life as a Post-Apocalyptic Jewish Viking Space Cowboy.

The cool thing about @Synthese asking me to start this thread is I can post whatever I want here. What's the worst he can do, ban me? Without further ado, I bring you:

Send $5 and you get the version with the sleeves zipped off. Send $50 and you get all the embarrassing pictures of @Synthese from the trip. I promise, this is a real bargain!

He's wearing a jacket by this dude Kervin Marc, who @LA Guy met wandering one of the shows. We did an impromptu shoot in a little flat that Kervin was renting for the week. The real question is, who wore it better?

At the trade shows we met some other SF friends, like Niyi Okuboyejo of Post Imperial. He was showing new designs and was a super rad dude to talk to. Next time I'm in New York I'm going to have a beer with him. He doesn't know that yet, so that's a bit creepy, but still. It'll happen.

We also spent some quality time with SNS Herning. Søren Skyt (can you guess his middle initial?) is the grandson of the founder of the company. He has energy for days, and our conversation roamed from artificial intelligence to black holes to cyborgs to CAPTCHA to old machines to, well, knitwear. I coulda talked for hours with him, especially over a beer (notice a theme?). There was no fit model there, but our fearless EIC channeled his inner Scandinavian and heroically volunteered to stand in as model. The intense conversation inspired some intense lighting, which I hope reflected some of the ideas behind the collection.

Let's give major props to @Synthese for being Napoleon, Starship Captain, North Sea sailor, and Bond villain, all in one. Can't ask for much better. Except maybe not wearing Birkenstocks. But did I mention all the walking?

Anyway, I was impressed by the thought Søren put into the collection and the innovation he has brought into the heritage of the brand. He really has done a great job of making subtle knits that reveal complex ideas. I really want to go to Denmark now.

That's a wrap, at least for me. There are many more interesting brands we saw, tons of indigo to talk about (I'm feeling super uncool without any Japanese indigo clothing, but do they even make it for 6'5" people??), but I will leave that to the powers that be. If I don't get banned, there may be more pictures and content here. Please ask any questions you might have. And lest you think I get away Scot free, @Synthese made me see the light on this trip.

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@Synthese you should rock a shorter variation of this hairstyle. It looks really good on you
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Excellent photos! Thanks for the write up
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That was a fun look through. Lots of awesome photos!

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So aparently Synth wears adidas, CAN smile and enjoys doing bunny ears to female designers. Huh, 

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Awesome photos and writeup. This made my day!

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@LA Guy What happened to your head?
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One thing I forgot to mention was meeting up with the designer for Kohzu denim at the Tranoi show. I think his name is Shauket Imam. He was a real character, as you can tell by what he wears. But he was super passionate too, about the environmental impact of the clothing industry and the techniques he uses to make his denim. The stuff is slightly out there, but very cool. I mean, dude is wearing denim deerhide bonded pants!

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

@LA Guy What happened to your head?

Prob snitched on someone.

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What coat is Deborah wearing? I've been looking for a raglan sleeve coat just like that for a while now, but no luck.

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Originally Posted by Mulan View Post

Prob snitched on someone.

I was thinking scootering on cobblestone.
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oh my god i trusted you

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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

@Synthese you should rock a shorter variation of this hairstyle. It looks really good on you

Thanks. It's in the hell-stage now. My plan is to grow it out, braid one side of my head, and become a viking. 


Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

So aparently Synth wears adidas, CAN smile and enjoys doing bunny ears to female designers. Huh, 

I have smiled exactly one time previously. The stock market fell 500 points.


Originally Posted by Mulan View Post

What coat is Deborah wearing? I've been looking for a raglan sleeve coat just like that for a while now, but no luck.


That is one of her coats from the upcoming season. I don't have the line sheet in front of me, but I believe it's called the "Slouch Coat." Unfortunately, there is a good chance you'll only be able to find it in Japan. 

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Great stuff, and I love that photo of you guys in Julius. It's one of those Brands I Love But Will Probably Never Wear.
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yes, oisin, give up epaulet and join the dark side
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