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"universal" tuxedo vest: do they exist?

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I recently purchased a 2 button black tuxedo for my wedding.  While I can purchase the matching vest, I don't like how high (5 buttons) it sits on the chest.  Ideally, I would like 2 studs to show with the vest on.


While I know it would be a cardinal sin to get a different wool fabric vest to accompany my tuxedo, I was wondering if one could wear a vest that is mostly/all satin (silk?) so that there's no wool mismatch.


Are these "universal" black formal vests acceptable?


If yes, I would greatly appreciate links to vests that meet my needs.


Thanks folks!

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3 tuxedo faux-pas for traditional black tie:


1. 2 button tuxedo jacket (assuming SB of course)

2. vest made for business suits, with high buttoning stance

3. vest made of silk


There's a Black Tie Guide floating around the interwebs (sorry I don't have the time to look up the link). It's very informative and goes into great lengths about black tie requirements.

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Also, black tuxedos are evening wear, i.e. only for events after 6 PM. This rule gets broken alot by the sartorially unsophisticated, especially in the US.

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The two most traditional BT vests I came across when putting my suit together were from Brooks Brothers and Ede & Ravenscroft:,default,pd.html


I would guess that with both of these options, you won't even see the vest at all, as the jacket you've chosen likely buttons higher than the vest - these are both intended for a more traditional 1-button jacket. I went with the BB, and mine shows 3 shirt studs. The vest fabric is barathea, which is a coarser weave of silk (think texture in the ballpark of oxford cloth). Does not match either my jacket fabric, or the lapels, but options were limited and sometimes good enough is in fact good enough.


There is no "universal" vest; you'd have to try different ones to get the look you are aiming for. As has been pointed out, keep in mind that you've made a more contemporary choice for the jacket, so unless you went with the matching vest, you're still looking at a higher-rise suit-type vest, with the look that goes along with that.


For the record:

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