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I own several pairs of sunglasses and certainly each time I bought a pair they came in a box, and occasionally in a case but were supplied with a certificate of authenticity at the very least. During the Mrporter sale, I ordered a pair of Oliver peoples and the cloth/case were supplied with a small bit of paper documentation as you get with every pair of sunglasses. However no certificate of authenticity was present.


Now obviously I don't doubt for one second they are fake or anything, after all Mrporter is probably one of the best sites for online shopping. However I do find it a bit odd that there was no Oliver peoples packaging box and no certificate of authenticity this normal with Oliver peoples? (mind you it is my first pair but I own far more expensive ones yet they were all supplied with certificates). They were on sale, perhaps the absence of the certificate is the reason they were on sale in the first place?


Whats the craic...could anyone give me some insight?


Sorry for double post.