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Styleforum in Paris: Day 0

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Styleforum in Paris: Day 0 and Thoughts Upon Arrival


Brought to you by Travalet


No one says please or thank you in the first class cabin. A side effect, perhaps, of watching anonymous faces stream past you, behind you, to the unwashed rear of the aircraft. Never mind that the armrest may be falling out of its socket, never mind that the veneer is peeling off the scuffed seat-back in front of you. We are the chosen few, by virtue of our dollars, and our matching Vuitton sets are proof that our blood runs blue. 


But it’s hard not to get caught up in it. I never fly first class, this most recent outing having been sponsored by our friends at Travalet, who somehow - I assume via dark magic - find you business-class travel for economy fares.


It is an improvement.


So who am I to say no to a mimosa or two? Asceticism has no place in Business class, where the needs of the flesh are assuaged with mass-produced cheddar and crackers that come unwrapped for your convenience. 


Oh, and the meals are...real food. We start with a mushroom salad, and the main course is a filet de boeuf with mashed red potatoes and oven-roasted vegetables. My girlfriend told me before I left that three drinks, as she understood it, was the maximum. I decided to test her theory - and it is incorrect. I don't know how many drinks they brought me, but it was definitely a lot more than three. Anyway, I finish my boeuf and sit there drinking Disaronno and playing with the adjustable seat while reading tween fantasy novels, feeling pretty good about everything.


At least until I spill the Disaronno all over myself, and learn that there's some sort of business-class kangaroo pocket under my seat where all of the liquid has puddled. I sacrifice several hot towelettes to the cause, but they are not equal to the task. The kindly old flight attendant chooses this moment to walk past. She asks if she can take my glass. 


'Thanks,' I stutter, 'And if you have a paper towel or two that would be great, because I just spilled all over myself.'


'Of course,' says her mouth.


'You fucking idiot,' say her eyes. 



Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage from Paris! We've got much more to come, including showroom visits, coverage from the tradeshows, and plenty of hot waywt fiya. 



Scooting upon arrival




Airplane food!





Proof that we did in fact go to Paris.

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Are you just eating wonderful cafe food and drinking champagne or what? smile.gif
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Yeah, where's the update guys?

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Gonna have to wait til I have time and Internet!
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

Yeah, where's the update guys?

Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Gonna have to wait til I have time and Internet!



It has been an extraordinarily busy trip.  It's gonna be awesome to show you some of the excellent stuff we saw.  One thing that we a trying out is to do a small preorder and special projects (we are designing something in collaboration with SNS Herning - I even sketched designs and stuff with Soren) with some really amazing brands that dovetails with our editorial work.  Special thanks to @oisin for some amazing photography (better than @Synthese 's and WWWWWAAAAAY better than mine - no comments please.)  And to @Synthese, who worked his ass off as a model as well as our editor-in-chief, and who will write stuff with way fewer qualifying clauses than I tend to include.

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@Synthese That is a great looking coat. Who makes it?

@LA Guy GMTO on designer scooters? smile.gif
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@gusw it's a shawl-collar coat from Document, which NMWA carried this past season. Fun piece, with a neat shape.
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