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I didn't really find much info other than dappered review so I ordered this last night...they have 100% return policy so worst case, I'll return it if I don't like it but wanted to know if anybody here owns this pair OR experience with TBC in general? Amazon reviews look really good, considering the price point.


I know boots are made in mexico but I really like Alden Indy 'homage' (probably the best one out there right now under $200 together with similar fit/contrast stitching/sole)...


My other option was Wolverine's Courtland but ton's of reviews indicate the sole starts coming apart in a short amount of time due to glued on. And these are still around $300 with taxes.


I actually stopped by Alden store in SF last weekend and checked out the Indy ...great boot but in my non-profession opinion, I think the boots are overpriced considering it's still a casual built boots (not sure if the 'Indy' factor hiked the prices). But the styling is just perfect hence I'm been on our prowl for other boots with similar styling albeit less quality but decent price. I do admit it was hard for me to leave the store without swiping my Amex card ;-).


I currently own Loakes Bufford and RW IR (I love these to death) but looking for something that's a little 'office friendly'. I like the RW Beckman ONLY in pictures as I did a test drive at my local RW store and the 'bubble' foot area is little too pronounced (more so than Iron ranger) so I crossed that off my 'Indy Alternatives' list.