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Slim Fit Men's Tuxedo for my wedding -- help!

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I'm getting married in a few months and have been looking all over for a slim fit men's tuxedo (I'm 6 feet, 150 lbs). Have tried a bunch of places and the ones that fit best so far were Dior Homme (although I was between a 46 and 48) and Saint Laurent (which has really skinny calves on the pants and the jacket was a shade boxy but otherwise fit ok). I'm NYC-based and went to some of the made-to-measure options like Mr. Ned, Ercole and Michael Andrews but I've never had anything made before and I'm nervous to have my wedding tux be the Guinea pig. Anyone have any thoughts on those brands I named or other suggestions?
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Have you tried suitsupply? Less then Any you've posted and same/better quality.

Also what's your budget? Did you have any ideas on what you're looking for or areb you just shooting blind in stores?
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Budget is maybe 4-5K or less.  


I'm looking for a black, peak lapel tux.  I think I'd prefer not have the lapels not be too wide.  Beyond that I really just want something that will fit well.  I'm slender with relatively narrow shoulders and I've had a really hard time finding anything that's close.  Have been to all the usual department stores (Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales, Paul Stuart, etc.) as well as many designer stores.  

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Since your in New York why not try David Reeves? He's in town and bespoke in your budget. Should be able to get whatever you want made.
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I'm very nervous to do bespoke since I've never done that before but I'll check out David Reeves.  A bit more inclined to do designers so I can see what it will look like beforehand.


Hadn't been to Suitsupply yet but I had looked on the website and the tuxedos they showed had larger lapels than I was hoping for.

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Thin lapels on a 46 48 look poor. I'm not saying you have to go Tom Ford width but a classic 3-3.5 inch will make your thin frame look much better. If you go thin you might fine it makes you look even more thin on top.

Btw, most of the designers you've listed have been of poor quality. Welcome to paying for marketing campaigns and not actual products. Give reeves a call and at least have a talk with an actual tailor. Not someone who makes 8.50 plus commission on selling you a fused piece of junk.
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Will definitely call Reeves.  Are there any slim fit designers that are good quality that anyone can recommend?

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I don't live in NYC and so have not used him, but my understanding is that Frank Ercole should be able to knock this out of the park for you. While it is true that you cannot see what your personal commission would look like before it is finished, there are plenty of examples of Frank's work in the Frank Ercole thread. Related, but separate, is that there is also a black tie thread which will have useful information about black tie in general.

An advantage is that Frank (or any other tailor) has many books of fabric for you to look through to find the one that you want for your semi-formal attire. You also have the advantage of, instead of going through different stores and trying to pick the one with the details you like most, you can go and say "I want these details." There is a different between slim-fit and well fitted, and a tailor will know the difference. Given that you, presumably, do not already own a black tie ensemble, it's probable that the number of occasions in which you will need black tie is limited. Given that, and what you want to spend, having something made makes it more likely you will end up with something you'd consider wearing long after you've stopped fixating on lapel width a priori. This forum has a great deal of information in its database. Floating on that sea are many stories of young men who've gone to buy one thing for their weddings and, upon learning more, later went back and found they'd made a daft decision. It's so common that it's a trope and now that you've been informed you may consider re-evaluating your mindset to focus further out and turn what you already plan to be a significant purchase in to a good purchase.
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Originally Posted by Seamless View Post

Since your in New York why not try David Reeves? He's in town and bespoke in your budget. Should be able to get whatever you want made.

I would second David Reeves.
slim fitting suits are his forte.

if you are happy with the fit of the dior tux, then just go with that.

you can also check out Craig Robinson in williamsburg
everything is made on site.
he generally has been making fuller lapels, but can accommodate your request for a narrow lapel.

Craig is relativity unknown to this forum.
I have known him for years. more of a higher style tailor.
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