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For Sale: POCKET SQUARES, BOWTIES, LUXURY TIES, BURBERRY HEADSCARF (for her) & SCARVES MEGATHREAD! Charvet, Polo, Vintage, and more! Free Shipping & Offers welcome!

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For Sale:
POCKET SQUARES, BOWTIES, LUXURY TIES, BURBERRY HEADSCARF (for her) & SCARVES MEGATHREAD! Charvet, Polo, Vintage, and more! Free Shipping & Offers welcome!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING in the USA; International inquiries welcome, with shipping at cost!

Also as always, ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME, especially on three or more items!

Please PM with interest and offers!

1) Polo by Ralph Lauren. Hand made in Italy. Horses heads on a lovely forest green base. Very Good/Excellent condition; has been folded. 18" square. $16.


th_DSC01726_zpsbfia2acl.jpg th_DSC01723_zpskh0wq0el.jpg th_DSC01733_zpsl1iw9ne2.jpg th_DSC01732_zpsvhutfckt.jpg th_DSC01731_zpsxglhfyiz.jpg th_DSC01730_zpsrmyjdb4o.jpg

2) SOLD LOVELY! Yellow paisley square by Bloch Freres of Paris. Bloch Freres specialized in silks, and only ever had one retail location, on the Rive Gauche in Paris, in arrondissement 15e. Alas, they are now long gone. This is hand printed silk, with hand rolled edges. It was Made in England. It has a very faint stain near one edge, which won't be seen while worn, and so is in Good/Very Good condition. 17 1/4" square. $10.


th_DSC01737_zpsctqjydkb.jpg th_DSC01736_zpspomgagdg.jpg th_DSC01735_zpsadhd7gtn.jpg th_DSC01734_zpshvlpggge.jpg

3) Peck & Peck was one of the great New York stores until its rapid demise in the 1970s after its sale to investors. Until then, it had personified WASP fashion on Fifth Avenue, with "Peck & Peck" being used as a shorthand in novels of the 1960s and 1950s for a certain Upper East Side look--a trend started by the novelist Joan Didion. This square is a lovely reminder of the late 1950s and early 1960s, being expressly made in Italy for the store. It's all silk, and in Good condition; it has some minor fraying on the edges, as seen. 21 3/4" square. $10.


th_DSC01749_zpsmv33mgm0.jpg th_DSC01748_zpshmpznr42.jpg th_DSC01751_zpsucybnjfi.jpg

4) SOLD Lovely pink and white geometric cotton square by Echo. Made in France. In Very Good condition; it has a very small blemish, as shown, which won't be seen when it is folded, and it has been folded. 20" square. $9.


th_DSC01755_zpspcwdx46q.jpg th_DSC01754_zpsc1fdnt8z.jpg th_DSC01753_zpsxtbz5vuk.jpg th_DSC01752_zps7tx9fxio.jpg

5) SOLD Trafalgar square. Made in Italy; all silk, and hand rolled. This is a lovely square, with seersucker-type stripes in green, lilac, blue, and pink! In Very Good/Excellent condition. 13 3/4" square. $12.



th_DSC01757_zps0s1jifqx.jpg th_DSC01763_zpshm5elpsj.jpg th_DSC01764_zpspllcvphc.jpg th_DSC01761_zpskq8whts1.jpg

6) SOLD Burberry. This is a headscarf, rather than a pocket square.... And she'll love it if you surprise her with this! Made in Italy, this is all silk, and in Very Good condition; it has a slight blemish in one corner, as shown, but this won't be seen when worn. This was astronomically expensive when first purchased. 30" square. Very Good condition. Asking just $24, or offer.




th_DSC01768_zps3bqgm5vi.jpg th_DSC01769_zpsohd7owf7.jpg th_DSC01770_zpsnu3vj7nn.jpg th_DSC01771_zpsfqqm22s7.jpg

7) Ferrell Reed. A lovely whimsical pocket square featuring shuttlecocks and racquets. Very Good condition. 17 1/4" square. Cotton. $8.


th_DSC01807_zpse4afpqbh.jpg th_DSC01809_zpslk5jp2pl.jpg th_DSC01810_zpsrcr1qkmz.jpg

8) Tropical birds. This is lovely, and would be equally at home in suiting and tweed! It has a small blemish, as shown, but is overall in Very Good condition. Silk. 13 7/8" square. $10


th_DSC01813_zps5xh2qsdb.jpg th_DSC01815_zpskcnlurrm.jpg th_DSC01816_zpsf5olhyhr.jpg


9) Unknown maker. Likely silk. A lovely pale green bow with cream and blue coffee beans! Excellent condition. $10.


th_DSC01865_zpshl5feozr.jpg th_DSC01866_zpsbvfo59a9.jpg

10) SOLD Unknown maker. SIlk. Very Good/Excellent condition. $10.


th_DSC01868_zps4cqba1vr.jpg th_DSC01869_zps7qap3lg4.jpg


11) Gucci. A gorgeous and luxurious Gucci tie! Excellent condition. 4". $12


th_DSC01248_zps9lfnep7l.jpg th_DSC01249_zpsinttixee.jpg th_DSC01250_zpsrxc7frmc.jpg th_DSC01251_zpswpd0qynt.jpg

12) Paul Stuart. Made in England. A beautiful tie with a base of English mustard yellow, perfect for tweed! 3 3/4". Excellent condition. $12


th_DSC01271_zpsgv99qoac.jpg th_DSC01272_zpszynigpgh.jpg th_DSC01273_zpsj9vzop0o.jpg

13) Rubinacci Napoli tie. Lovely and classic and versatile! Excellent condition, except for a small smudge on the lining, as shown. 3 3/4". $12


th_DSC01275_zpshp6avwql.jpg th_DSC01276_zpsnnwx9bms.jpg th_DSC01277_zpsqtbfdafu.jpg th_DSC01278_zpsgay7pe0f.jpg

14) Charvet. A beautiful, elegant tie..... with a couple of minor thread pulls, the worst of which is shown, which could be easy fixes. 3 1/2". $9


th_DSC01328_zpsvha90gbk.jpg th_DSC01324_zpssod7p83n.jpg th_DSC01325_zpsdfsawgyp.jpg


15) Vintage B. Altman scarf. From one of the most traditional Department stores in NYC, founded in 1865, and closed in 1989. Very Good condition. All wool. Width: 12; Length: 53; Fringe: 1. Asking just $8


th_DSC00609_zpsc7ho2i2n.jpg th_DSC00606_zpss9d3um7d.jpg

16) SOLD First Issue fringed scarf. No fabric content, bu clearly silk. Beautiful! Width: 11 1/2; Length: 58; Fringe: 3 1/4. Excellent condition. Asking $14


th_DSC00622_zpsxv3my1vc.jpg th_DSC00623_zpsddj1rqdb.jpg th_DSC00624_zpst7us46qu.jpg th_DSC00625_zpsmrgksz3k.jpg

17) Camilla Ridley of London. Silk-Rayon. Width: 8; Length: 59; Fringe: 4. Excellent condition. Asking just $12



th_DSC00630_zpsdirefsa2.jpg th_DSC00631_zpscwgm3woh.jpg th_DSC00626_zpsx18mldjc.jpg th_DSC00627_zpsglqzwocc.jpg

18) Robert Mackie. Made in Scotland. Multicolor stripe scarf. All wool. Excellent condition. Width: 8; Length: 56. No fringe. $10


th_DSC00700_zpsppa5o6by.jpg th_DSC00701_zpsk5jnrlv9.jpg th_DSC00702_zpstchll2rt.jpg

19) Enya Manovani. Cashmere. Excellent condition. Width: 12; Length: 61; fringe: 4. Asking $14.


th_DSC00658_zpsz0hw1bp9.jpg th_DSC00657_zpsgu5j8ktd.jpg th_DSC00656_zpsaaidf401.jpg

20) Pierre Cardin Blue Tartan scarf. Width: 12; Length: 50; Fringe: 2 1/2. Asking just $12.


th_DSC00666_zpscsewhouv.jpg th_DSC00667_zpsmy9fxvjg.jpg th_DSC00668_zpsaewozepp.jpg

21) Made in Italy blue Shepard's check scarf. Width: 9 3/4; Length: 60; Fringe: 4. Excellent condition. Asking just $9.


th_DSC00672_zpsjlutoejo.jpg DSC00670_zpsnpcvuwe6.jpg th_DSC00673_zpsiwq8ee57.jpg

22) Made in England cashmere scarf. Excellent condition. Width: 12; Length: 62; Fringe: 2 1/2. Asking just $14.


th_DSC00677_zps06kk73od.jpg th_DSC00679_zpsfdaqna1d.jpg th_DSC00675_zps9yeclbdv.jpg th_DSC00674_zpse8xscnih.jpg

23) John Hanly. Made in Ireland. Extra Fine Merino Wool. Absolutely beautiful! Very Good condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 59; Fringe: 2. Asking just $14.


th_DSC00681_zpsw44emhnx.jpg th_DSC00683_zpshiky0ow3.jpg

24) Avoca scarf. All wool. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 57; Fringe: 3. Excellent condition, except for a small snag hole, as shown. Beautiful! Asking just $10.


th_DSC00695_zpsymyicxty.jpg th_DSC00696_zpsjtrdf5w0.jpg th_DSC00693_zpsraa1qmcd.jpg th_DSC00692_zpsoefn7lop.jpg

25) Quality Royal dark forest green scarf. A classic! Made in West Germany, so this dates from before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Excellent condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 46; Fringe: 1. Asking just $10.


th_DSC00853_zpscuer9nx2.jpg th_DSC00852_zpsuzk3b0jf.jpg th_DSC00855_zps4mhru9np.jpg

61) Vintage red tartan scarf--made for Cisco. All wool, Made in Great Britain. Despite its name, this has nothing to do with the present Cisco of New York. Instead, THIS Cisco was founded in 1919 on Broadway, as a specialist store focusing on neckwear--ties, scarves, and mufflers. In 1958 they filed for a patent with a new invention--a vest-muffler combination, where the muffler descends on both sides of the wearer's body into large flat pieces of cloth that could be buttoned together to form a vest. The fact that you haven't heard of this shows how successful this invention was. This scarf is in Very Good condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 44; Fringe: 1/4. Asking just $8.


th_DSC00749_zpsvxkwuy1g.jpg th_DSC00751_zpsuu8qaemv.jpg th_DSC00752_zpsbxpwum37.jpg

26) SOLD Johnston's of Elgin. Wallace tartan. Made in Scotland. Cashmere/Wool. Some small snag holes, as shown, hence just Good condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 55; Fringe: 1. Asking just $8.


th_DSC00896_zpsb1v91als.jpg th_DSC00894_zpsoj7nf9wz.jpg th_DSC00893_zpsgfobba23.jpg th_DSC00892_zpsubnfsj2a.jpg

27) Vintage burgundy scarf. No maker or fabric content, but clearly wool. Very Good condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 44; fringe: 1. Asking just $8.



28) Tartan scarf. No fabric content, but clearly wool. Very Good condition. Width: 10; Length: 46; Fringe: 1. Asking just $10


th_DSC00869_zpspd8swrqt.jpg th_DSC00870_zpsstk8qxnj.jpg

29) SOLD Talbott silk scarf. Absolutely wonderful! In excellent condition. If you don't have a silk scarf, why not? They're wonderful with suits, tweeds, topcoats, overcoats, and piloting your Sopwith Camel. Width: 11; Length: 66; fringe: 1. Asking just $20.


DSC00878_zpsuhbcrpmu.jpg th_DSC00880_zpsvdv5agdl.jpg th_DSC00875_zpsxbmn3tqv.jpg

29) Plaid scarf. Beautiful! Excellent condition. Width: 11 1/2; Length: 46; Fringe: 1. Asking just $10.


th_DSC00902_zps52y2yuci.jpg th_DSC00903_zps79mtrkgh.jpg
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