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Hello SF! I am starting this thread to get interested members in a GMTO for trickers.



This is the link to the reddit post.


Trickers GMTO require 6 pairs in the same width fitting with the exact same specifications. I am hoping that we have enough people willing to go in to do a run in a regular fitting (5). I'm not 100% on W2298 last sizing, but it seems to fit TTS and TTwidth, with a 1 size conversion from UK to US. It is a little generous in the width, but not by much in my experience. So a 10UK fitting 5 would fit well for an 11D US. If anyone has any other feedback, that would be wonderful

I am proposing an identical build to the Trickers x Superdenim derby.

Model: Robert
Leather: black Comipel shell cordovan
Last: W2298 last
Welt: natural storm welt
Sole: Dainite
Eyelets: blind eyelets
Lining: natural calf lining
Laces: black laces
Welt Stitching: white welt stitching
Other: midsole (natural)


Message me on Reddit (preferably) or StyleForum if you're interested. We already have 4/5 members committed so we only need a couple more!