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Suit vs Smart Sport's Jacket

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Hi I've done a search for this question and couldn't find answers.


All other things being equal a well tailored charcoal grey sports jacket with, say, lighter grey flannel trousers, tie, shirt, and appropriate shoes will be a smart looking affair.  In either a work situation or interview would this usually be considered acceptable as an alternative to a suit? (Let's assume no written requirements are available beyond being of a smart and professional appearance). I understand that a suit is the usual go to clothing solution.

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What industry is the interview for?

In all honesty you could get away with it in most industries but banking/law/consulting suit is standard for interviews.
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At present no interview.  In future estate agency but more out of town (London).


What I'm looking at is adaptability something that can transition from smart, smart casual, to casual.  My cunning plan is to minimise the size of my wardrobe and number of clothes but to go for quality instead.  Maybe going for a fully bespoke jacket that'll have me dressed to the nines.

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Skip the charcoal grey and go for navy/dark blue. Always appropriate as an odd jacket.
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My logic is to buy a suit and mix each appropriately. With the odd jacket/trousers, you'll be in a conundrum should you be at an event where you need a suit. Vice-versa wouldn't be such an issue. Moreover, adding an odd trouser in the future is much cheaper.

I personally prefer gray, although navy works just as well (more preference when it comes to this); however, the darker the better (of course stick to solids for now).

I finally picked up a dark navy (almost black looking in dim lighting) to replace an old one I wore out 3 years ago. I'm very pleased.

Good luck with the interview.
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