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disappointment with Corthay customer service

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Good afternoon,


Here's a brief message to relate my recent experience with Corthay.


I bought Vendome shoes a few years ago, and had a problem with the leather on one shoe; I went to the shop rue Volnay in Paris and let my shoes for expertise. 

A few weeks later i was told there was no problem with the leather, and that i must have worn them inappropriately or used wrong products to maintain them. 


I have about fifteen pairs of shoes (Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, C&J, Green) and am a shoe lover, so i can tell you i use them with much love and care, Saphir products, shoe trees, and wear them twice a month maximum.


So i insisted to the nice seller that we get in touch with management. After many weeks and several follow-ups, I was finally offered  to buy a new pair with 20% discount. I declined this proposal since i didn't want to buy any extra pair but rather find a solution with this pair first.


I asked to be called back by management.



I regularly relaunched my request, like twice a month for 2 months but i have never been called back.



So i would like to share this with other passionate of shoes to get your opinion.



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Good day,


I have a similar problem with Corthay Paris.


I went to their store on Rue Volnay on 9th of November 2015. I chose and paid for a pair of Vendome and belt to be picked up the next day at Galleries Lafayette after patina.


The next day when I went to the Corthay counter at Galleries Lafayette, the patina artist told me he did not received any order to patina my shoes. As I am a foreign tourist due to leave France the very next day, I will not be able to get my tax refund if I don't have the shoes and belt with me when I exit the EU.


Disappointedly, I left France on 11th of November. Upon my arrival home, I wrote to the Rue Volnay salesman and the Galleries Lafayette Corthay patina artist. They agreed to refund and I emailed them my local bank details.


After weeks of waiting, the money did not come. The Rue Volnay salesman also stopped replying my emails and my whatsapp messages (even though he read them). On 22nd of December 2015, I demanded to speak to their management, to which their retail director replied.


Following thereafter are about 15 email correspondences and 1 phone call, reassuring me that they are looking into the matter of refunding the money. On 8th of January 2016, I even gave up on the idea of refund and asked for store credit, which the retail director said will look into it. I have also asked for a higher management to look into this problem but in vain.


Until today, 25th of January 2016, I have yet to receive any refund or store credit. It has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was on a 3 weeks vacation in London and Paris and have bought 6 pairs of shoes, including Edward Green and Aubercy. 


After 2.5 months, I feel like a cheated tourist. It is unbelievable such a renown French brand cannot handle such a straightforward issue.


Any idea how should I bring this moving forward? Is there a French consumer association whom I can write to?




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Your story is worst than mine !!


You could write to

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Thanks inazuma. Well, at least you still have the shoes.
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Yes i have but i do not wear them becauce they are ugly

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Your first mistake was buying shoes from France. The best clothes in the world come from England.
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When i was in contact with a Corthay's vendor, he argued that any brand would have made the same response after some years ( and he took as example a very famous Englisg shoesmakers). 


I recently had a problem with a pair of shoes coming from this famous brand, the shoes have been appraised and now they are making a new pair for me because they recognized the problem. 




Conclusion (for me at least): Corthay's custumer relationship is not in line with their prices. 

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