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All Styles Considered: An Arts Magazine from StyleForum Users

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Hello everyone! This has been in the works since late last year, and we're finally ready to announce and start it. We are starting a StyleForum user submitted arts publication! How exciting!

The idea stemmed from a post by @LonerMattin the SWD Photography thread, and so a bunch of us got together and started brainstorming on how to make it happen. Well, we've got the nitty-gritty down, we've got LA Guy's and Synthese's blessing, and now the only thing we're missing is art from you all.


What is it?

It'll be a printed arts magazine with the first run designed by the incredibly talented @artishard116 with submissions from StyleForum members (both CM and SWD are invited to participate). There will be a broad theme with each publication that strings together all of our eclectic personalities, stories, and talents.

Most of all, it's a tangible production by the members of Style Forum. You'll get to see your stuff printed on some nice paper. You can show it to your friends and be like, "hey ya'll, you know how you've been making fun of me for having 5,000+ posts on an online fashion forum? Well look who's laughing now—I'm published, ya nitwits!"


The best part about Style Forum has always been the members. It's stuff like seeing @gdl203 start a damn fine menswear store from the very beginning, and then be able to casually talk to him about all the cool stuff he knows from across the globe. Or how about @sipang's and @the shah's incredible critiques on film and fashion? Have you stepped into the photography thread to see the dope shit @thatoneguy photographs? Or did you even know that @SkinnyGoomba is a master woodworker? What about @Synthese's sci-fi short stories?

That's a convoluted way to say that we're all here and we've all got a bit of creativity to give. We've all got some knowledge that's new to someone else. We've all got a story to share that's worth listening to.

And because ya'll are all damn awesome. That's reason enough.

What Can I Submit?

Single photographs. Short stories. Poems. Essays. Photo-essays. Recipes. Photos of any artwork you've done.

Photos can just be a nice image you've got that speaks heavily to the theme. Or they can be a series of nice photographs of how you made some dope ramen. Or how you made a dope chair. Or how you made some dope shoes. Or photos of a really cool traditional indigo dyeing place you visited.

Maybe it's a combination. Maybe you've got a short poem with an accompanying photo. Who knows? Send it in. We'll take a look.

Art. Anything, ya'll. If you can think of it being in print form, it can be submitted.

Does it have to be about fashion?

No! Like the Instagram takeovers, this is more of an exercise in understanding other peoples' styles through context. I think that what people write about, what stories they have to tell, and what they want others to see can be indicative of their views on style. Your ideas and what you create reflect upon your style, since style's just another extension of your creativity afterall.

How Do I Submit?

Email submissions to allstylesconsidered [at] gmail [dot] com with the title "All Styles Considered No. 1 - [Your Username]"

Add in a little description about it if you want, how it ties into the theme if it's not obvious, etc.

Don't send us giant 25mb photos of print ready stuff, just send us a nice large JPEG and we'll reach out if you're selected and we want a higher-res for printing.

We also can't guarantee that everyone who submits will make it in! There are 5 of us who are gonna choose the best ones to put in, and we'd like to publish everyone's, but there's still printing costs to keep in mind. But it'll be a whole lotta fun!

Are you guys serious?


But also no. Yes, it's happening for real, but no, it's not a "serious" publication like SZ's magazine or anything. What that means is that everything is welcome--it doesn't have to be high-brow or complex or intricate. As long as you created it and it fits with the theme, it can be as light or as serious as you'd like it to be. I mean, the name is a play on NPR, we're not fascists. foo.gif

Most of all, we want this to be something fun for you to do.


Vol 1. Theme:


The first theme is all about where you are. Doesn't have to be physically. It could be where you are mentally or emotionally, even.

Or maybe it's about where you're from? Well, it's pretty cool the think where we'll be 100 years from now, don't you think?

How did you get here? What did it take? Is there anything special about your sense of place? Anything unique, interesting, sacred?

What about a special place you've got? Maybe it's your studio. Maybe it's this spot in the woods. Or your ceramics studio. You could show us a photo-essay of you making a beautiful ceramic bowl and it'd fit, as long as it's a place that's special to you. Get the drift?

It's broad and you've got a lot of freedom, but it'll be really cool looking through all the artwork from different people and seeing how they interpreted it.


March 1st, 2016

That's about a month and a half for you to get out and do something rad to submit! Or maybe you've already got something! Either way, we're hoping to have it all done and printed and in your hands by May.

We're excited to do this, and we hope you're excited to participate. Let's make this fucking amazing!
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I'm really excited by this, can't wait to see some entries :).

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Hope to participate with some pencil or paint works.
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This is a great idea.
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Some place-spiration:






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Well said @g transistor! Pumped.
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im in !

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I'm in! Very excited to submit something and see what others have to contribute as well. This will be amazing.
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Great to see such interest - already had a few PMs from members, really excited to hear about a range of mediums: paintings, illustrations and writing.


Please submit as much as you'd like as often as you'd like - if there are a few things you'd like to submit, hit us up, we'd love to have lots to look at and lots to share :)

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Wow. I'm beginning to see how cool the community is here. This rox.
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Yes! If you all have any questions, feel free to email us or just plain old PM me or LonerMatt. Really looking forward to submissions!
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This looks rather interesting. I´m sure there´ll be some great contributions.

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Wim Wenders' photographs of Australia.




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Man, this is awesome. I'm gonna get some stuff ready for y'all....

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