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Santoni On Sale $299 New - Too good to be true

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Hello - I found US size 12.5 and and 13 in the Santoni Cap below on Ebay.


1:     Are these real, or suspect?

2:     With $300 budget, should i look elsewhere (work in finance, suit environment but not too formal as most wear bad/sloppy suits

3:    I wear a 12.5 in Allen Edmonds. Sizing for these?

4      Any suggestions would be very helpful


I'm new to the site. Just started buying nicer clothes with a RLBL gray suit, RLBL Navy Sportcoat and could use any suggestions.Not married to RLBL, just had a sale where I live at their store.



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Santoni offers a wide range of shoes. A lower end model selling for a decent price is not suspect. Double check Santoni's sizing vs. American sizing before you buy.
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Looks like the real deal. It's a Fatte E Mano, which is better than their base models. $299 is a good deal for these.
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I see Santoni FAM for about $350 at Nordstrom Rack. Usually a less-wearable style, and often an unusual size. So, yeah, those seem like a good deal, if you need a pair of lighter brown brogues.


I do think that color is tacky with too dark a suit.

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Thanks.  What about the same color in their cap toe?  Which suit colors would this go with? How about with sports coat/ trousers. My suits are standard navy, mid-gray and plan to buy additional trousers for a new RLBL navy sportcoat. Any suggestions helpful or examples of something better to move on with. Currently, I own AE dark brown (almost black) 5th avenues and a slightly brogued AE captoe in a chili color.  Many thanks for the advice. 


Cap-Toe below. addtl suggestions most welcome!


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