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Thnx Erik for the lovely rundown - i have seen some fairly conservative (for Pitti, that is) kits in your Day One coverage. 

Looking forward to seeing Day Two captured in all magnificence!

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Yes, thank you for all the photos! Some good food for thought in there.

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Best combo = Roger Mazzeo + son  

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Originally Posted by professorclee View Post


Best combo = Roger Mazzeo + son  

That was nice of Foo to let this kid borrow his clothes :)


(I kid, I kid)

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What temp was it there? Lots of really thick coats

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Extreme sprezz. Tie Penor combined with the back actually facing the wrong way

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LOL wut?

Request for a follow-up interview:

(I don't mean the scraggly-looking dude.)
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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post

LOL wut?


Seen a few guys with that type of ..Cape?


Is that becoming a thing? or is it just because there's a new batman coming out next year

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I want to make a cape joke, but I'll just pass. I think they were all made a few years ago anyway.


Instead, I'll just say that I like this. Not quite as good as Mrs. EFV, but very enjoyable (even with generally disagreeable TASSEKS).


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Why is Alec Baldwin at Pitti? Are they shooting a sequal to "The Shadow"?


Image result for alec baldwin the shadow 

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So did he fluff that cape when he caught Erik in his peripheral vision, taking his photo? Does it come with a fluffer installed, that can be deployed at will, much like an umbrella can be opened in one fluid motion?
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I actually like tie-penor guy's fit a good deal, other than of course, the tie penor. It was one of the standouts in that first batch of photos..
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These are great, Erik. Thanks!


Looks like burgundy oxfords are in.

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Great stuff, Erik. Keep 'em coming!

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Thank you guys for all the comments! Very encouraging when being up to three o'clock at night to edit pictures. The Pitti circus never really ends. We were a bit too tired to tag along with Butler & Mr Claymore (seriously two of the most amazing people we've met, ever) as they continued to Caffe Gillis for what I can only imagine will be a spectacular night.
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