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Pitti Uomo 89 Day 1

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Ok, so after arriving 5 hours after schedule to Florence, we were a bit tired to say the least. Too late for dinner, so we headed straight to bed. Day one was chaotic, but we expected nothing less. We spent it meeting up with friends and taking pictures of people wearing stuff. That was pretty miuch what happened on the fair, we got back to the hotel for a while, just in time to change and head out for dinner. I wish it had been more of a culinary experience for me to photograph and you guys to behold and envy, but it was just a quick bowl of Pappa al Pomodoro, before we headed to the first event of the week, hosted by Plaza Uomo. Naturally, it was full of Swedes. We are Swedish, so we decided to move onto some place were there might be some people we hadn't met before, Ign Joseph's/I am Dandy's party, in a very nice apartment in central Florence. We had already met up with the crew from Cad & the Dandy and Charley (Mr Claymore), so we all tried to find our way through the winding streets of historical Florence. the C&D guys pointed out a shop we passed, who's owner they had rescued from an aggressive drug fueled young
man earlier in the evening. Spirits were high. We arrived at the Ign Joseph/Iam Dandy event slightly later than expected, but hey, we're in Italy. It was a very eclectic and interesting mix of people, as we had hoped for. We had the pleasure of meeting @Butler who's exactly as much of a gentleman as you'd expect.

After that we went to everyone's favourite water hole during Pitti, Caffe Gilli. Unfortunately my camera works horribly bad in dim lighting, but you can see quite a few pictures from everything that took place on Styleforum's Instagram account.

Anyway, not gonna drag this out. Here are pictures from day 1:

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Good Pitti:




Bad Pitti:




Being myself a man with many thirst on his shoulders, I can dig what these cats are doing:




Guy on the right's jacket is just amazing. And I love the fedoraz.

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Thank you, Erik - we all can't wait to see Day 2!
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Glad to see the cape is back. I think that one cape-wearing and -promoting (Dutch?) dude from some time ago is gone by now, though.


Vox' coverage on Twitter is pretty funny again, too.

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Very interesting. Feels like I'm there. Keep up the good work and show them how it's done.

/Andreas (sitting in front of the screen in very relaxed cord slacks and a cashmere cardigan - grandpa style).

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Great pictures Erik, and pretty impressive output for day 1! Thanks for sharing!!
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My immediate reactions:


  • EFV, thanks for the pictures, you are doing a wonderful service.
  • Costumery over being well dressed seems to be the order of the day.
  • There was a very small handful of very well dressed men (and one or two women)
  • Some of the people look like they were attending a COSPLAY event
  • Was there a Victorian period piece being filmed nearby?
  • I would love to know what people are putting in their ubiquitous totes/ bags. What are the odds its just paper to fill them out?
  • I saw very little sprez, as most people look VERY practiced.
  • I thought we were post double monks, but I was wrong.
  • I really have to get a pair of Belgian loafers for the Spring


Sorry for being a douche, but it mostly looks very silly to me. Still, there are great individual pieces on display and its fun to see the pictures.

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Thanks, Erik!

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Maybe it's me but I saw a fair amount of patch pockets... which I like. The high pant cuff is still in I see... possibly to show off more shoes? Shoes look fairly rugged, and not what I would expect from Italians.

Very educational. biggrin.gif

It would be awesome to attend at least one Pitti in my lifetime... if I bought that BBBF tweed suit I'd blend in like camo in this crowd lol8[1].gif

Thanks for the rundown Erik.
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Great photos Erik!
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Great photos and some very interesting looks. Thanks Eric!

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

Good Pitti:




Bad Pitti:




Being myself a man with many thirst on his shoulders, I can dig what these cats are doing:




Guy on the right's jacket is just amazing. And I love the fedoraz.

You speak truth.

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Great work Erik nod[1].gif
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Great chronicle and pictures @EFV thanks!! 


I see a few of my countrymen in those, the one wearing a cape  is one of them. He is the ower of Sastreria El 91 in Madrid if I am not mistaken. 

As for the cape, it is a very traditional and distinguished piece of clothing for men in my country so I guess he is trying to export it... It has being used for centuries. Not many nowadays but it has been used up until half of the 20th century or so... 


I recognize a couple of Portuguese guys from a Dandy Movement (don't remember the exact name) and some others... 


Lots of peacocking but that is the norm outside those walls I believe, so... not complaning, it is entertaining to see what they come up with each edition.

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Fantastic @EFV Thank you very much.


I think nearly all the outfits on display have an aspect or two (many much more) that can inspire.

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