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2015 Dubious Honors: Funniest Post. Nominate your candidates!

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2015 Dubious Honors: Funniest Post


What a year! We saw some real milestones, and it's time to take an appreciative look back at what we've all accomplished. Styleforum is full of individuals who deserve to dubiously honored for their contributions to the community, and we need your help! With that said, we're happy to announce the very first STYLEFORUM DUBIOUS HONORS, where we look back at the year gone by and pick the very best (and weirdest) posts that were made to the forum.



To see all how it works and brows all the categories, click here.


THIS THREAD IS FOR NOMINATIONS TOWARDS THE AWARD FOR "Funniest Post." Please post your nominations below. You have until January 20th to make your nominations! After that, a poll will be created in this thread and there will be a 3-day voting period, ending at 12AM of January 24th. The winners will be revealed in the January 27th newsletter (not signed up for the newsletter? Sign up here). 

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@arnoldpettibone 's response to @Caveat in the Geller thread:



Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

My summer parka zipper failed. Still trying to decide what to do with it.

Actually it didn't fail me. It failed the guy in Japan who sold it to me on auction without mentioning that the zipper didn't work. Now it's just been sitting in my closet. I guess I need to have it replaced but I don't have a good tailor.
Originally Posted by arnoldpettibone View Post


or you didn't realize "the sweet of zipper meat with less happiness" actually meant the zip was broke

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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

@arnoldpettibone 's response to @Caveat in the Geller thread:



I'd forgotten about that, so... yes.

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Originally Posted by rbnman View Post

heres hoping for:
- spalla camicia (shirt sleeve) tailoring
- epaulettes as optional
- refined and proportionate collar/lapels 

Originally Posted by MickeyPunch View Post

Yes, please. Spalla camicia and working holes for my cufflinks. And what about a selection of pocket squares in lamb leather?
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post



I completely forgot about this. No joke, just got done walking home and explaining the ToJ saga to my girlfriend minutes before seeing this post, so we just watched it and lost it

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Trolling the eBay guy on his CCP sale. That's worthy of a nomination.
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I hadn't seen that ToJ clip. Now I have to clean up my sofa.

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LOL!I've never seen that one before. Instant classic.
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BamChairDance has a ton of great ones

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Someone tell me how I monetise my YouTube views on this
It's at 995 now!
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Theres a lot that I cant find/remember but this one I saved, once again from the ToJ thread
Originally Posted by palma View Post just woke up? A mere few months ago when you were still involved with the company when there were people still waiting for damn near 2 years and you were still hypnotized and singing the tunes Drew taught you. Hope you got what you wanted out of it. In my eyes, you are only step below him. If you really cared you would have stood up for us a lot longer and left the company earlier....but, I guess human nature is to care about oneself first so instead you slug along hoping for some reward or perhaps you were being rewarded until Drew's money ran out.
Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Hey.. hey guy... eat a dick lol
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