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2015 Dubious Honors: Best shoe picture. Nominate your candidates!

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2015 Dubious Honors: Best Shoe Picture


What a year! We saw some real milestones, and it's time to take an appreciative look back at what we've all accomplished. Styleforum is full of individuals who deserve to dubiously honored for their contributions to the community, and we need your help! With that said, we're happy to announce the very first STYLEFORUM DUBIOUS HONORS, where we look back at the year gone by and pick the very best (and weirdest) posts that were made to the forum.



To see all how it works and brows all the categories, click here.


THIS THREAD IS FOR NOMINATIONS TOWARDS THE AWARD FOR "Best Shoe Picture." Please post your nominations below. You have until January 20th to make your nominations! After that, a poll will be created in this thread and there will be a 3-day voting period, ending at 12AM of January 24th. The winners will be revealed in the January 27th newsletter (not signed up for the newsletter? Sign up here). 

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Nomination #1:
Suede Butterfly loafers from Nicholas Templeman.
Originally Posted by jerrybrowne View Post

Suede Butterfly loafers from Nicholas Templeman. I've been looking forward to these since the on welt fitting. Fit is great. Very happy with this pair.





Nomination #2:
Norwegian Strapboots for Jun Kuwana by Fosters

Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Anyone have thoughts on whether it's a good idea to commission true-blue, casual shoes through a bespoke shoemaker? Meaning something that you'd wear with raw denim jeans and a leather jacket, but commissioned through someone who typically makes dress shoes.

I realize on face value this seems like a bad idea, but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts about it -- or ideally, even photos of good examples.

I've been thinking about getting a casual boot. Maybe something like this, which which was posted on Cobbler's Web's Instagram

Except, since I'll only be wearing these with jeans and maybe a leather jacket, I would want the last to be much, much rounder/ more casual.

Anyway, is this is a bad idea? Better to stick to dress shoes when going through a dress shoe maker?
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Nomination #3: 

@bkotsko killer Viberg pic!




Originally Posted by bkotsko View Post

Glamour shot I took yesterday morning...

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Ill take #4 with @tifosi for his pic(s) of the Alden NST boot in Ravello.


I cant quote it the same way because the other Alden thread is closed...


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Thanks, man! The lighting in your photo takes the cake, though!  

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Epaulet genuine stingray GATs

(Pics stollen from @MacktasticGDogg and @Epaulet)



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I nominate this fab pic of a fab pair by @niklasnordin 

Originally Posted by niklasnordin View Post

Mod 506 classic last cru viola, tapered heel, black piping, polished with black and blue wax. MTO from @Skoaktiebolaget

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Great pics in this thread so far. Keep them coming!!

@RogerP you have some personal winners. I can pick almost any of your stair shots and nominate them. Here is one.

Originally Posted by RogerP View Post


Responding over here as it is Vass-specific.  Pics below.  As I said, they are a very dark green/black.



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I'd like to nominate @BenLeaman for his killer Galway pic.
Originally Posted by BenLeaman View Post

Finally getting around to applying some Nano Protector onto my new coffee suede Galways from Leffot. I've owned these for too long without yet wearing them.
Happy New Years gentlemen.
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I nominate @Stefan88's St. Crispin's russian calf chukkas:
Originally Posted by Stefan88 View Post

My most recent. 

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@Synthese what ever happened to this?

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Originally Posted by bkotsko View Post

@Synthese what ever happened to this?

It's comin'. Turns out @LA Guy and I may have (surprise, surprise) stretched ourselves a bit thin over the past few weeks, so it's on the late side. Always learning, you know?

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