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Fascinating. Thanks. I suppose that explains the opinions of some posters here - perhaps - English - disapproving of tuxedos at weddings, or at least thinking them an odd choice.

Yes, as an Englishman, it is just culturally and historically alien. My dad wore morning dress and his dad before him etc etc. If I marry I don't think I will. It would be an excuse to commission a lounge suit that could actually be worn on a daily basis for years afterwards. Even my dad only had one other opportunity to wear morning dress, at a certain garden party and that was some 35 years later, with considerably more girth. Thank God he rented.

Back to black (tie). It just doesn't seem right to me because I am accustomed to Roman Catholic and C of E weddings that are quite formal and lengthy. To turn up to mass in a dinner jacket is a little louche. I associate (rightly or wrongly) evening wear with dinner, cocktails, parties and informal ceremonies (awards). Outdated maybe but wearing a black tie rig is basically stating your intention to party, not so much to give vows. Perhaps I have just seen too many films from the 1920s and 1930s... To my eyes, it's just incongruous and gauche but I admit that is entirely cultural and as distinct as a groom would dress at a Hindu ceremony.
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I got married 10 years ago.  At that time I would have worn a tuxedo regardless of the time of day, in part because I didn't know better.  However, I got lucky.  We were married at  6:00 PM on a very cold December night.  Jazz and cocktails followed.  I'll take the position that black tie was appropriate. 


I now live close to the beach in a warm place.  If I were doing it over again now, I'd have a beach wedding.  I and the groomsmen would wear something like beige cotton summer suits.  Sure, there would be some wrinkles and sand in the loafers, but who cares... it's the beach.

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