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SWD Fit Challange Jan 12 - Jan 26: Welcome to the STYLEFARM

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Apologies, fellow Style Farmers, for the late creation of this fit contest thread. As you all know, November and December are busy months on the homestead. I've been hard at work clearing out the last fields of Indigofera, poring over fabric catalogues for next season, sowing cover crops of sprezzatura, and celebrating the winter solstice draped all in Rick Ovens praying for the next successful season. I let my duties slip.

But that's all behind us! It's a new year and a new season. So, I welcome ya'll to take part in this competition at:

The Style Farm
The Style Farm
The Style Farm
The Style Farm
The Style Farm
The Style Farm

I'm tired of all these fits indoors. I'm tired of all your shitty, orange-tinged lighting glazing over your bone-white, ghastly skin. I'm tired of the dungeons you photograph yourselves in. I'm tired of Fok's blatant disregard for the natural order of the world whenever he posts a fit-pic in his federal waterboarding prison. How can we see the deets? How can we be sure that you even wear your clothes outside of your beige walls and dirty mirrors? Do you think the venerable Daiki Suzuki dons Engineered Garments to sit in front of a computer screen all day, infinite-scrolling through inane Reddit comments about Bernie Sanders or reading Buzzfeed?

No, dudes. Not at all. Daiki-senpai wears Engineered Garments to surf. I heard that he once built 3 homes for the needy in his 13 oz wool herringbone Bedford, and Daiki drives a 1997 Subaru Outback Legacy, so you know he's not a man who gets his tan from the faint flicker of the screen.

That's why I've decided to host this competition at THE STYLE FARM, and much like Alejandro González Iñárritu, I am a man who loves natural lighting and the outdoors. Here at the Style Farm, we value the lovely land our Grace has given us and urge all others to take part in its splendor.


The Rules:

All you have to do for this fit challenge is take a photo of yourself outdoors. Bonus points for a good environment (e.g. dead wheat fields as far as the eyes can see, sand dunes filled with scorpions and other venomies, oak forests as old as the earth itself). It doesn't have to be rustic or wild; it can be in the city. As long as you're not indoors or 2 feet from your door in your backyard.

This is all about you and your environment, so try not to snap a photo of yourself so closely. I know, generally we care about the clothes, but this time it's about how you fit into the world around you.


Need some inspiration?


The epitome of the Urban Style Farmer. Look at that. He's ready to do shit. Look at the blue light. The starless night. The cracking stones of the urban farm. Where do those stairs lead? To redemption, my friends. Redemption.


Amazing. It brings a tear to my eye. How far has this man walked? How many seasons has he seen fail? What arcane wisdom does he hold? He can walk the wilds, but can he poach an egg?


The wet splatter of rain at the bottom. The beautiful brown-orange backdrop. The 1000 year stare of a Style Farmer who has seen a hundred head of cattle lost in a raging prairie fire.


What frozen wasteland does he walk? Are his socks wet? A Style Farmer knows that even from the frozen grounds, a seed of sprezz can still sprout.


Ah, the call of the sea. The Style Farm's sister business, The Style Fishery, promotes a love of the ocean and its inhabitants.


Look at all that natural light! The Style Farm is a staunch supporter of the National Parks Program, and this shot of this Style Farmer at Big Sur would be a fine entry in the Style Farm Fit Competition of 2016.


Hopefully this is a pretty easy competition, and even just going through WAYWT for the inspiration section I had to leave out SO MANY fits that could've been entries.

Most of all, just have a little bit of fun. It's easy. And with two weekends passing by, hopefully ya'll can get outside and submit a lot of entries.

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For the record - my arcane knowledge is for sale. I accept payment in years of life. 

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WOuld inside the Matrix count as outside.....?

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Of course inside the Matrix ,
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x-post waywt



Originally Posted by zxcvbn View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Excellent two fits. zxcvbn really like the snowscape! Rais probably the king of urban style farming
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the Earl of Trash in his natural environment

I see you guys posting fits in the WAYWT thread that fit the theme.

Where are all the submissions? Ya'll make mother earth cry.
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@Rais fit and scene is so good.


- - -


I farmed the semi-industrial seaside today to forage used restaurant grease for my steed. 



photo 01.19a_zpsykaupf0v.jpg photo 1.19b_zps1cdna5kr.jpg

photo 1.19c_zpsziphoq8o.jpg


Kapital coat

B!Wear cap

Orvical knit

Junya jeans


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Hmmm maybe I'll post a fit, been in trekking hiking stuff past couple weeks
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@Parker Thanks man, I probably can't get away with wearing that Issey coat in Australia, so I had it on every chance I got in Chiba. That bar had one of the most non-PC names I've ever seen, I thought it'd be funny for a backdrop.

I like your coat a lot and the striped tee works so well with that outfit.

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all hail trashlord

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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post



yohji and l'maltieri

Edited by spacepope - 1/20/16 at 6:24pm
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Parker! What a lovely seaside ranch you've got for yourself. Really digging those pants!


Spacepope is probably the most fashionable stylefarmer to be headin' over to the ol' general store to pick up some tonics. What's in the satchel? Wait, what kind of tonics are these?
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