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Official Thread: Obama's last SOTU

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Well, America is about to embark on the ending of an era. The first Muslim POTUS is about to give his last SOTU tonight. What can we expect?

Is the current market condition the fault of Bush and/or the Repubs?

Gitmo still open...another EO?

Guns bad.


What's the drinking rules tonight?
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-we've come too far
-weapons of war (will replace assault weapons)
-tout fact that more people have health insurance without mentioning they were forced into buying it and the rest of us forced into paying for it
-vaguely outline the non-existent plan to defeat ISIL, leverage the word coalition at least once
-make sure to posture the Syrian refugee in attendance as a shining example of the only possible outcome of dumping thousands or millions of middle easterners and Africans into other countries
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Odds of a vague allusion that the white guys in Oregon are equivalent to ISIS?
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1. State of union is hopeful, but we still have progress to make to fulfill my Destiny er, legacy
2. I promised to fundamentally transform America. Evidence:
-Illegal aliens can vote
-global warming will stop because of the agreement
3. Guns bad. My decree won't stop ALL shootings, but if destroying the Constitution will save even one life, it's worth it.
4. If Congress fails to act on guns, immigration, and environment the way I want, I'll just sign executive orders
5. Look at that Syrian girl up there. She gets good grades. She is the American dream. She builds clocks in suitcases. Yay.
6. "Not who we are" applied to every position he takes.
7. "Right thing to do."
8. Swipe at Trump. "Not who we are."
9. Lets destroy the American way of life and the Constitution TOGETHER.
10. Oh, by the way, I hate America and I'm Moslem.
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Much as I suspected...no one is watching it.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Much as I suspected...no one is watching it.

I don't see why, nothing he proposes is going to pass at this point.
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Watching, he's said absolutely nothing of substance.
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Joe Biden has just been put in charge of curing cancer. I mean...
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Obama promises to close Guantanamo. He just didn't mean it for the last 7 years, this year he really means it.
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I fell asleep for the last twenty minutes. Did he say anything else?
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...help us see ourselves not first and foremost as black or white or Asian or Latino, not as gay or straight, immigrant or native born; not as Democrats or Republicans -- but as Americans first.

Sort of funny given how racially driven so many of his major appointments have been.

So what's the best one liner to sneak into your talk about solving climate change, all the tax payer dollars you sank into "green" energy, etc?
Gas under two bucks a gallon ain't bad, either.

Funny on a few levels.
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