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Not saying they are right or wrong, but I think the bottom line is its their business and its up to them if they want you as a customer or not, its a simple as that, just get over it and move on.

Just something to think about which hasn't been brought up. I have an in-house alteration shop and we do alterations for bespoke clients that need work done for themselves or their partners etc, we used to do Paul Smith's alterations as well but they are moving out of the area so I am left with a surplus of capacity. One of the reasons I haven't pitched myself as an alterations tailor elsewhere (like on SF) is the inherent risk vs profit for me. You see if we get something wrong with a bespoke piece, we of course make right that piece or ultimately refund. I accept it that we can never completely eliminate mistakes despite having very robust procedures.

Now if we do an alteration on a Bespoke suit from say Huntsman and its 5 years old and god forbid it gets lost, bursts into flames etc what do we do? Refund him $6000? Make him one of our own bespoke suits? We have risked our golden reputation for Bespoke work for a couple of hundred $$s worth of alterations.

Out of three hundred suits put out last year we had 1 full remake and 2 refunds and the refunds were for MTMs (which I no longer do) Its an impressive ratio, I would like to get it down to 0% this year but at this stage its more about luck than judgement. With the way people review now every job you do or product you put out there can really cement or damage your reputation and this could be a reason why a prestigious store doesn't want to do little jobs.