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Metropolitan opera

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I have the opportunity to attend my first performance at the NY Met Opera and was wondering, not surprisingly, what a well-dressed 20-something would wear to the Opera.  I DON'T have a black suit in my closet right now, so my choices are limited to the following: 1) Charcoal SB sportcoat 2) Black cashmere SB SC 3) SB 3B pinstripe navy suit 4) Sb 2B navy/gray windowpane suit I'm leaning towards the black SC with a pair of windowpane trousers, check shirt and tie.  The blue suits are decidely more formal, but lacks the flair that I'm seeking... Any recommendations on shirt colors?  How conservative should I be?  Are pinks and lavenders not apropos?
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Darn hijackers  I'd imagine that tuxes are pretty appropriate for the galas, but I rarely see anything that formal even for season openings.  Ironically, this is my first opera, but I've been to Lincoln Center on multiple occasions, mostly for the NYC ballet (ballet tickets offer really attractive student rush deals--the Met is less generous). Hey, I almost got tickets for the 16th, but my friend who was choosing dates bought seats for the 14th (law school discount.  And no, she's not another lawyer for those of you reading the "nerd dating" thread). Maybe I will opt for the suit afterall...
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I've been to the Met many times and have seen everything from dress tails to sweats. But I think you would feel most comfortable in a full suit, not a coordinating sportcoat and pants. It is a pretty conservative scene, and you'll look more impressive for your date in a dark suit. BTW-I have seen men go to the Met in tuxedos at all times of the year and varied performances, openings, run-of-the-mill rep, etc. Never required, but you would never feel completely out of place in your tux eithier.
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When I lived in NY, the Met was not a fashion parade at any performance. I'd dress conservatively -- the navy pin sounds entirely appropriate. Usually those in tuxes have gone or are going to some other formal occasion afterwards. The Opera Club, a private club in the Met, for example, requires a tux for dinner. Opera crowds tend to be very conservative when not downright dowdy.
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I attend about three times a season with my father, a New Yorker who will attend most performances. He chided me for wearing a blazer (even with charcoal pants) earlier this year and I did feel underdressed (especially in his company, because he wears a tuxedo to the performances). I'd wear a dark suit (any color will do).
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The younger you are,the more dressed up you are, the more you look like a rube at the Met. That being said, I agree with Onthe mark. You will see many kinds of looks there and will not be out of place.
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The final tally... SB 3B Brooks Bro Navy Pinstripe Suit Navy Tyrwhitt Sea Island Prince of Wales FC shirt Oxxford Burgundy Paisley Tie Gold French Knot cufflinks (dollan & bullock) Burgundy Coach belt Burgundy chisel toe, 2-eyelet bluchers, Ferragamo Penhaligon Endymion (a sample, a potential new favorite) The date loved the suit. The opera was a blast--Desdemona was superb, Othello gave a half-a** performance. Have fun at Aida...
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Sounds very good. Now tell the truth; aren't you glad you weren't wearing slacks and a blazer?
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I am a huge opera fan. To me it is a sad situation that so few people are aware of this absolutely beautiful music which, due to its incorporation of theatrical elements, is best appreciated live. In that past, opera was a great popular entertainment. Today it sadly appears to be the height of snobbery. Nothing has done more to encourage interest in attending live opera (which is really the only way to really become a fan of it) than the popular conception that people wear black tie and ball gowns to the opera. I blame television for spreading this nonsense. Black tie is generally reserved for opening night or galas. It would be acceptable at any opera, though I think it would be best to check on the particular customs in your area. The Met has been covered. I'm from Chicago and it is very rare to see a Tuxedo clad person at a regular performance of the Lyric Opera. And when I do I often can't help but wonder if he did it based on what he'd seen on TV, expecting everyone else to be the same. I have heard reports that of all places Los Angeles has a large black tie contingent, but I can't verify this first hand. I'm certainly not one of the folks that thinks we should be going back to white tie and tails for the opera. But I have noticed an amazing tendency to dress down. Many men at the Lyric wear only a sport coat (some with a tie) and some not even that. An evening performance at a major arts function mandates at a minimum a suit.
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