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Kiton "Diamonte Blu"

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Diamante* Blu -This is some type of fabric they use based on the label but otherwise I don't know what it means. Does anyone have any info on this? I have googled high and low and can't find anything
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I have two Kiton suits which I bought in 1995 when they were still affordable, before the Euro was introduced, invoiced in good old Italian Lira.


Both are Super 150 wool in the same charcoal colour, one of them is labelled "Diamante Blu". The Diamante Blu fabric is considerably softer than the standard Super 150 fabric, almost as if it was made of Cashmere, but the label for both fabrics says 100% wool.


To me it seems as if the Diamante Blu fabric has either undergone a different treatment than the standard fabric or was made of softer fibres, maybe only from wool from under the neck of newborn lambs, whereas the standard fabric might consist of wool from the whole body of adult sheep. But this is just creative guessing.

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Thanks very much. Sounds very fancy. Anyone know if it's a current thing or implies a suit is dated?
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Diamante Blu 150s is produced exclusively for Kiton by a small weaver in England using old looms and presses. It is an ultra-light weight wool that, when made into a suit, wears very comfortably. It is delicate and I therefore wear mine only for more formal events.

Kiton continues to make suits using this fabric. You don't see many due to the English weaver's production capability and also the price point which is high even for Kiton.
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Thanks for the info. I recently bought a suit with that on eBay and while it was ok- I was not blown away the way I usually am when I handle a Kiton suit at Bergdorf. Seemed like just good but not special.
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You don't see many due to the English weaver's production capability and also the price point which is high even for Kiton.


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Thanks for your clarification, JensenH. I can confirm it wears very comfortably, I used to say it looks like a suit but feels like wearing a t-shirt. It is less delicate than it feels though. I have given mine a lot of wear in the office and it still does not show signs of wearing. Not even the trousers. An unfortunate occurrence: my wardrobe got infested by moths once. Believe it or not, they left everything untouched besides a Barbour lambswool sweater and my Diamante Blu suit. My conclusion was that those moths must have have a very special taste. I was happy that my mother managed to mend the holes by long hours of patient needlework.

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Glad to know they are not as delicate as they look. The moths had expensive taste smile.gif. You mother really came through for you though.
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