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I ran upon what I considered a good Christmas sale on some navy Trafalgar Braces (with dark brown leather straps).  In what someone somewhere must have thought was a good idea, Trafalgar sewed on metal clips in addition to the leather braces straps.  In other words, there is no clasp or button allowing one to remove either the metal clasps and/or leather straps.  As it stands, I appear to be stuck with both permanently attached to the braces.  


After some research, I cannot find any official Trafalgar site discussing how to remove one of either the clasps or the straps on this type of braces.  I am at a loss as to how to move forward wearing the braces absent taking my wire cutters and pliers to the metal clasps to tear them off.  Has anyone else ever encountered such a conundrum and come away with better advice than my proposed way forward set out above?


Thanks in advance.