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Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire View Post
I think 19 is old enough.

I hope they wont start joking about me like they do with conne...

Cravate noire

could you please tell me what kind of rubbers do you have and where to get them?
Appreciate your help
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Esquire's black book mentions them as being a good idea.
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Overshoes are indespensable at this time of year, if you get much rain or snow. FYI I'm in my mid-20s as well; those kids who spend under a bill on their plastic square-toe dress shoes can do what they want - I'm keeping my shoes in top shape.
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Mine are from Lakeland, if you are looking for something more stylish, check Swims.
However, there was a difference in price of 35€ vs 80€ when I got mine.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
wow, those swims are AWESOME! I totally want the yellow too. Are they one size fits all?

No, they come in different sizes.

I'm usually a size 42 in shoes, so for me size M (IIRC) swims fit the lighter shoes I have; I really should get a size L for the heavier shoes that I also have.

I'm 37, FWIW.
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FYI Allen Edmonds is having a sale on Swims. They have the black ones up on their website for $69 but no brown. I called in to inquire about brown and the forwarded me around a bit until I was speaking with a rep in Port Washington. They have brown there for $49 each + $8 shipping and tax.

Not a bad deal! Thought I'd let ppl know.
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You can get swims at Bonobos and if it's your first order you can get a $50 dollar coupon so they can be had for $49.
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Yes they look old manish. I would never wear them.
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I keep a black Tingley's in a plastic bag in my bag all year round in case of rain. They weigh next to nothing and you never know when a thunderstorm will appear. Well worth getting a pair. Practicality wins over fashion.
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If you are standing in snow deep enough to reach to your pant cuffs, who is going to know what you have on your feet? Wear the rubbers and save your shoes. An added benefit is if you have leather soles, or, God forbid, you are wearing a vintage pair of shoes with cleats (like Florsheim Imperials) you are likely to soak the seat of your pants from repeatedly falling on your ass because you will have no grip on slippery ice. Rubber galoshes or overshoes prevent that from happening. Take this as good advice for someone who lives in Canada and knows a thing about coping with winter weather.

By the way, years ago, a friend of mine migrated to Canada in the fall with his pregnant wife. She gave birth in the winter, and he noted a sign meant to discourage the wearing of rubber overshoes into the maternity hospital at every entrance. It read "Thank you for removing your rubbers." At least, he hoped it referred to overshoes.
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I think they ooze self-consciousness, regardless of age. That can't be good for style.
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if you wear expensive shoes in the rain without rubbers you are either very dumb or very rich or both why buy good shoes and ruin them? the rubbers are for outdoors when you get inside you take them off i can not possibly understand how this could be a fashion faux pas
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Im a huge believer in them. If you live in an area that has gotten hit with snow, road crews and building operators overdose the pavement with salt/chemicals, you will quickly destroy your shoes, just getting to work and back. You just take them off at the reception of any place you are going to. I've got the swims mobsters which are a little overkill, but they cant be beat for keeping your feet and shoes dry in winter.
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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post
I think they ooze self-consciousness, regardless of age. That can't be good for style.

Whereas wet shoes and salt stains are good for style?
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Unless you just don't walk outside, you need them to protect good shoes in canadian winters. I've had John lobbs almost destroyed by spending the day walking around in excessive rain w/o protection and I won't do that again.
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