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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

When I popped the spoilers they were so fucking long I thought it broke the bottom of my browser! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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My best find of the year and my best shoe haul of all time. All shell cordovan. One store. One donor. My size. Alden for BB x 3. Allen Edmonds x 2.

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Bonus points for being your size too. Insta-shell wardrobe.
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Inappropriate to nominate myself twice? Got to include my $5/scarf haul. Included: a Stefano Ricci cashmere that retails for $2900, another Stefano Ricci that goes for $800+ and three Drake's.

Stefano Ricci silk dress scarf.

Stefano Ricci 100% cashmere scarf. It's gigantic.

JW Brine cotton/viscose scarf. Made in Italy. Not yet measured, but very big.

I need a little help with these three. All have this same basic label. I've seen this green label with a duck on older Drakes scarves, but don't know if it's actually made by Drakes. Any info is appreciated. Mark Cho (Drake's Owner) was nice enough to respond to my Instagram message and he confirmed that the green label with the duck on the left is indeed an old Drake's label.

This guy really liked yellow paisley dress scarves. First up, this anonymous Drake's one.

Same maker Drake's for Alan Flusser for Saks.

Same makerDrake's for Battistoni. Double sided with silk on one side and a wool/cashmere blend on the other.

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Nom'd (months later)
Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

Was getting pretty bummed about the thrift scene back home. Figured it was time for a thrift-cation. Change of scenery would do me good. Had two days.

Then I got these guys. My size..... Gonna keep a couple for sure. Pictures uploaded wonky. Might be some duplicates. Total 6 suits and 1 insane dinner jacket.

Sadly these had no suits to go with them. Bummer. No Tom Ford left behind, though....

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Yeah, I'd say that deserves a nom.

I'll throw my hat back in the ring with this from a couple weeks ago.

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nominating myself.

I walk into this shop and see this tux, but its the whole rig, so I say "you're selling it all together?" she says yes. So I say, lets look.

brooks shirt, eh, re-donate. Brooks tux, OK, maybe a 75 dollar sale. I say, how much is it? She says "$20 for the whole thing".

I say, Special order, cool. I usually do good with that type of thing, maybe a hundred bucks.

I say, free pair of black braces? Cool, another 20 bucks.

Then I say, theres cufflinks! But monograms. Shit, monograms. Wait, can you monogram a composite metal? Yeah, I guess, but if you're going to be doing Brooks custom, probably not...

and then I turned them over and I swear to god this song and this scene was playing in my head.

solid 14K gold Tiffany & Co. Cufflinks.
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one more self nom, for the grail Vintage Polo suicide ski puffer coat.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

I win
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Sometimes you come across things that are so far outside of the norm that you just have to take a step back and admire the moment.

A pair of Ernest Rancoulet late 19th century bronze statues. About 18" tall on the original plinths.

There are various online records of sales and such for this artist, but average prices are in the mid thousands, up to $25,000 per piece.

Hope everyone had a fulfilling weekend.
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Originally Posted by Cj52racers View Post

Holy shit, eazy. Grail after grail.

Speaking of grail. ETHRIFT!!!

$195. Suuurree
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Thanks spoo icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Now let's just hope they ship
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E thrift $65
'92/'93 fall/winter Versace bondage collection lambskin hooded leather jacket

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Unused Louis Vuitton Taiga leather Satellite suitcase

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Paid up a little
1860's Louis Vuitton steamer trunk

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One more for now, forgot about this thread all year
So getting caught up
Herman Miller Eames
Design Aluminum Group chair
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