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Living in Milan?

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Hello. My first post here. 


I've been offered a job in Milan. I'm an American, 28 yrs old, currently living in NYC, who grew up in a Connecticut. I'm half Italian and speak the language very well but not fluently. 


I did a semester in Florence during college. I did travel Italy during my time there but I did not step foot in Milan. I have an aunt in Milan which of course is nice in the sense that there is some family there. 


I'm currently single and have no problems or issues with leaving my family and friends for this new adventure. 


I'd like to hear from fellow SF members who have either lived in Milan or spent significant time there. Thank you.

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All I know about Milan is that they have beautiful sightings. I would love to travel there one day. I am a huge soccer fan and once Milan was one of the best soccer teams in the worlds. I don't know what happened to them but now their soccer has gone down dramastically.

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I would take it! Milan is awesome. Lots of history, a beautiful area close to lake como and has world class shopping. Plus you can travel all throughout Europe easily. And you even have family there. I'd say go and don't look back
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