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shoe advice

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I'm looking for a little shoe advice.  The best dress shoes I've ever had have been J&M or Cole Haan.  I'd like to take it up a notch for some dress shoes.  After some research it looks like Allan Edmonds, Loake, and Alden are some of the best, most reasonably priced for really nice dress shoes.  I'm not the kind of guy who nit picks over a misplaced stitch, I'm sure they all look really sharp.  My biggest concern is fit and comfort.  Does anyone have any advice?  Has anyone worn several of these brands?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts ya'll might have.



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How much are you willing to spend? And are you looking to increase quality or increase your style quotient.

I like Aden but you may consider Ferragamo where more unique variety will get you noticed and increase your style quotient.

I am a shoe fanatic and love Gucci bit loafers as my staple of choice.

Check our the rock your socks thread; the C&J thread; suede shoes thread etc.
For a fashion preview.

My $.02
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I'd like to keep it under $350.  I'm most drawn to more casual oxfords and bluchers I could wear with khakis or blue slacks.

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Provided you get the right size, you can't go wrong with the fit of Alden/Allen Edmonds. If you get the wrong size, they are a terrible choice. They just seem to be a much stiffer shoe, so take the time to try on the various lasts and widths. The shoes will last 3x longer than your JandMs. The GuccisFerragamas would be a good shoe as well.
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10-4.  It looks like there's a pretty solid price difference between Alden and AE.  AE is looking much more reasonable.

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