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The Official Alden Thread for 2016 - Share reviews, sizing, advice, and photos. - Page 363

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Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post

Just in from my pusher. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Seriously, can I have his (or her) number?! 🙂
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Context Rough Roy Boot in Earth Reverse Chamois


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Originally Posted by MrDV View Post

whiskey nst saddle blucher? details please. how old and from where? and you lucky dog you.

Very lucky, indeed. They're a one-off special order. Not in anyone's supply, unfortunately.

Would have been happy to share the news, had there been any news to share.
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Big day today....


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Originally Posted by RevisIsland View Post

Big day today....
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




What's in the box...?

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Hey guys, we got three killer new Aldens in. The first two have preorders against them. If you placed a preorder, then expect an email from us shortly with the balance payment link. The stock online is what's left after the preorder units. 







And here's a new stock style for us. We called it the "Cardiff." It came out really sleek in Brown Chromexcel. 


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Originally Posted by JSO1 View Post

What's in the box...?

I doubt it is anyone's grail, but as someone who wears a suit 70 hours a week - I'm excited to add a new exotic dress shoe to my list. Last pair in DC's inventory and apparently had been sitting there for over a year. Details and pictures to follow...
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Originally Posted by ScarsdaleVibe View Post
Originally Posted by ASLP View Post



As I begin my Alden collection, there are a few pairs that are at the top of my list. I would love to own a pair of whiskey shell cordovan plain toe bluchers. Unfortunately, many of the shoes/boots that are at the top of my list are not currently being made. Any tips?




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Here's what I suggest (what I did):


1. Get on as many waiting lists as possible

2. Buy non-exotic offerings from retailers to build a rapport 

3. Wait a long time

4. Get frustrated when you see the constant posts of exotics in this thread

5. Drink heavily due to said frustration

6. Get a pair of C&J MTO in whiskey to tide you over

7. Still don't be satisfied

8. Be jealous of mdubs, try to dislike him out of jealousy but realize he's a really nice guy

9. Drink more and wonder how there are new exotics posted here weekly  

@ScarsdaleVibe's post inspired me to cross-post my list on the warning signs of being a shoe-holic.


Are you a Shoe-holic?


I know more than one of us have admitted to hiding shoes at work to keep the wife in the dark or having new shoes delivered to some address other than our home. Others of us have braved the situation only to be confronted by accusations of being a shoe-holic. But perhaps some of us do have a problem in this area. To that end, I completed this handy "10 warning signs of having a shoe problem" to see where I personally stand against such accusations.


Lying About or Hiding Your New Shoes - Yep! Pretty common in my life.


Buying new shoes to Relax or Feel Better - Guilty.


“Blacking Out” Regularly - Yes, this occurs. Have you ever purchased a pair of shoes only to later realize you already owned this style and returned it for a refund? Yeah, me too.


Being Unable to Stop Once You Start - Does over 20 pairs in one year count as being unable to stop?


Wearing shoes in Dangerous Situations - Suede on a rainy day. What was I thinking?


Neglecting Your Responsibilities - Well, yes, according to my wife.


Having Trouble in Your Relationships - See above.


Being Able to Buy More Shoes Than You Used To - Hell yeah, just watch me go.


Experiencing Withdrawal from Your Shoes - I have avoided this by buying a larger suitcase.


All packed for the business trip (Click to show)


Trying to Quit Buying Shoes but Being Unable to - I don't know. I haven't tried to quit.


Looks like everything is A OK in my world. How about yours?

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My Whiskey Wednesday contribution.

I picked these LWBs several years ago from another member who got them from Madison Ave. They were originally very pale, which at the time I did not like. I slathered them in dark brown cordovan creme which made the broguing and stitching darker, and turned the whole thing into a new shade.

Now I wished I had just let them be.

They're also a bit narrow. They are a C width whereas I need a D, but a slightly small Whiskey LWB is better than none at all.

I will probably try to get on some lists for some replacements in a D width.
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Choco suede 6-eye

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Very handsome makeups there Epaulet...Unfortunately I've just bought a pair but here's hoping my size sticks around for a while longer :)

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Whiskey PTBs. Levi's Made and Crafted pents.
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I'm glad to see new people getting into Alden shoes. It can be a frustrating journey getting the shoe you want (especially in the rare shades) but patience wins out. Some of us have been buying Alden shoes for a long time and can remember the "glory" days of walking into Madison and having rare shell galore staring back, unfortunately times change and demand is high. The best advice I can give you is to read the thread daily and don't be afraid to make some calls. Both will yield excellent results!
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may the fourth be with you



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