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Long-term storage Q's

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Hey fellas,

I'm shipping out for bootcamp in a few days and need some suggestions on how to store a few things. I'm pretty sure I won't be touching a lot of my current work clothes for awhile so I'll just assume to store it for long term. Place of storage isn't an issue as my parents have volunteered a room in their house and it is temp-controlled.

As for my suits, I have had them on some hangerproject hangers and I'll just keep them that way. Clean/brush them down and store them in a canvas/cloth suit bag. The hanger project cloth bags I've had are holding up quite nicely so i think to just stuff a bag of cedar shavings at the bottom and that should be all good.

I've got quite a few shirts... would it be ok to fold them and stack on top of each other? or should I worry about the collars losing their structure? I am thinking to just keep them in their hangers and get a canvas closet like this: Canvas Storage and stuff a bunch of cedar blocks and bags in there. The closet in the room where this is being stored is collecting some dust and maybe having this canvas closet might minimize the dust issue.

I've got a lot of sweaters and some of them are quite expensive and this, I'm not sure how to store. Some places like Bed Bath & Beyond has recommended space bags, and while appealing since it will eliminate moth problems, I've read some posts about fabrics needing to 'breath' So with that, I'm not sure how I would store these.

With my shoes, I've read threads/posts on here about applying renovateur on them, put the shoe trees in and keeping them in their shoe bags. So I'll do just that. I don't have any exotic leathers and only one pair of shells. The rest are standard calfs from G&G, EG, and Carmina. I didn't see anything on G&G or EG's site about long-term storing.

*whew* thanks for reading! I've still got quite a bit of loose ends to tie up before shipping out and need all the help I can get!
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Unless you're talking about the French Foreign Legion, we're only talking a few weeks/months. When you graduate, you'll have time to get your belongings before heading on to your follow-on training or your first duty station. Sounds like the suit plan is good, the shirts are fine if covered and not smashed together. The sweaters and any other woolens could be your main worry, not just from being away but for normal seasonal storage. Inspect and then put them in the freezer for a few days to kill any pests that may be on them and unseen. Then take them out and put them in airtight containers. You should be fine with that. Don't forget to inspect the suits when brushing them. Clean the shoes, then brush and trees in them and you should be good. Any that the leather seems dry, you can use whichever is the appropriate conditioner. Good luck in your military endeavors and there are a whole bunch of us who are supportive of you and proud for your personal courage and responsibility to volunteer. 

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It'll be the US Navy - so a few months. But with the uncertainty of where I'll be stationed and what kind of space I'll have, I was planning longer just in case.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm going to make room in my freezer so I can freeze the sweaters tonight! I've never heard of it until now and a quick search yields so much about it. Thanks! I appreciate the support very much, this is a huge change for me as it is a career-move and I've always searched for that 'bigger-than-life' calling. This maybe it, or at the very least will help me get closer to finding it. I'll be making a fraction of what I currently make but I'm more about and after the intangible things nowadays.
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Sometimes it can be difficult for those who are just a few years older and already have a career or some success in their life. People like this know that they can go back to the life they know and are already comfortable with. Its easy to lose focus of one's goals when the difficulties rise or the 'BS' gets too deep. Just know that whatever you are enduring at that moment, millions of others have endured and persevered and so can you. Grit your teeth, lower your head and double your resolve. If it were easy everyone would do it. The experience will change you and allow you to see the world from a different viewpoint. Disregard anyone who may try to sway you to quit or allow you to consider it. Best thing you can do at this point, no matter how much or little time you have before reporting, is take the physical fitness test to see how you score. Your recruiter should be able to observe your technique and score you for reference. Unless you max out the test in all events, focus your efforts on improving your fitness in the individual events of the test. Being physically prepared and in good condition gives you a mental and psychological advantage which will allow you to focus on more important challenges. Any physical improvements you make between now and when you report will toughen the body for the stresses you'll face. Good luck!

Sorry for thread drift. 

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