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Could someone explain to me the different conversions between UK and USA sizing? I've had a notoriously difficult time fitting into AE's #5 lasted shoes, and decided to just go with English shoe manufacturers. I've just received a pair of Alfred Sargent double monks in a tagged US 9.5/UK 9 on the 87 F last. They are a near perfect fit with maybe just a bit more room lengthwise in the heel than I would prefer (I attribute this to the elastic on the strap allowing the foot to ease slightly forward). 


From my understanding (and I know so many factors contribute to the overall fit of the shoe and sizes will vary between manufacturers/lasts/models on the same last), the Brannock device's conversion between UK and US sizing is only a half-size, i.e., a US 9.5 is a UK 9. This is the same tagged sizes that I find on my AS monks. However, when looking at Bodiley's, Pediwear, Cheaney, etc., they all seem to indicate a full size difference between UK and US equivalents. Which one is correct? I recall reading that this is the same conversion for Crockett and Jones as well. Is it that these suppliers/manufacturers are sized larger than the Brannock's measurement system and if one were to measure a 9 on said device then they should size a half-size down? 


For reference I measure between a 9.5 and 10 on a US calibrated Brannock (depending on which foot is being measured) and between a 9 and 9.5 on a UK calibrated Brannock device.