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Please let me know what you think of the fit on these BSP 103s. I went true to size (32).

The pre-soak waist size was an inch larger to advertised and 2 extremely hot soaks I was able to achieve 2/3 the advertised shrinkage. Therefore the waist is approximately 1.5in larger than expected. I would be happier with a slightly tighter waist but the jeans are not falling off me, even without a belt.

I'm extremely happy with the fit in the legs. They also shrunk 2/3 of what was advertised but fit me perfectly.

My main concern is the butt. They seem to be stuck in my ass a bit and at the same time there are flaps on the outer sides of the pockets. Will these be less pronounced as the denim softens up or is the an effect of the top block being wrongly sized?

Also, should I attempt to get the final 1/3 of the shrinkage out before starting to wear them?

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The fit looks great, the ass area will settle with some wear, it takes a week or two of wear for it to soften up.
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Flat Head & Real Japan Blues Summer Collections

We've received a new selection of great new summer shirts, tees, and sneakers from Flat Head & Real Japan Blues.

From Flat Head we've gotten in some of their new flatlock tees with contrast colored ribbing, a newly developed red chambray fabric shirt, a wild t-shirt with a collar, a two-button short sleeved henley, and a short sleeve pin-check shirt.
Along with all these new shirts we finally got Flat Head's low-top sneakers, one of the only sneakers we've ever seen which are 100% made in Japan. In addition to the shirts and sneakers we received a full restock of all Flat Head jeans, bracelets, denim jackets, and hoodies.

Real Japan Blues brings us a slew of new shirts including their Windowpane fabric in both gray and black. This shirt was available five years ago and we're glad they've redone it, the fabric is a blend of Hemp and Cotton and feels great on and looks amazing up close. Along with the Windowpane shirt we have a short sleeve shirt in a fabric only RJB can create, making the fabric was a two part process which was very labor intensive, something that not many mills would be willing on doing.
Along with these shirts we've received a full restock of the 106BSP and 103BSP jeans.

All these new items and jean restocks are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. The Flat Head sneakers are available at SENY only and in our online store. Check the online store for more photos, measurements, full spec lists, and more.

Shop Flat Head Online

Shop Real Japan Blues Online

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Flat Head & Real Japan Blues Shirts and 105BSP Jean

We've just received a few new shirts from Flat Head and Real Japan Blues, a restock of the popular 105BSP jean from RJB, and a slew of other items from both brands.

First up we've received an amazing rayon shirt from Flat Head from their Black Mint collection. Nobody gets rayon feeling like Flat Head does, its soft and light and breaks in to become almost like a super soft cotton shirt.

Next up we have one of their triple-stitched collar heavyweight t-shirts in a design we've been asking them to make for years. Its a basic Flat Head logo and motto tee done in navy and black.

We also have this year's version of the RJB Diamond Ombre shirt, the pattern is deep and the fabric is soft and light. These go quick every year for a good reason.

The 105BSP from RJB has been out of stock for over a year now, we had RJB do a new run for us with the same denim from our SEXFHXRJB15 jean. Its a 14oz denim in a straight leg fit with lined back pockets and denim felled front pocket bag openings. A great jean all around.

We've also received full restocks of the F310, SE05BSP, 3009, 3005 (at SELA), women's Balder jean, key-hooks, key-rings, wallets, bracelets, and sneakers. Check the online store for more info, photos, and spec lists.

Shop Flat Head Online

Shop Real Japan Blues Online

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Just received my RJB argyle dobby shirt from Self Edge.  Love the fit & the feel of the fabric.  Great stuff. 


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Yes, i too have that shirt. The fabric is wild, so much detail yet slick looking.
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Hey all,


I purchased these RJB x The Flat Head collab's from the RJB Daikayama store in Tokyo in approx 2010. Hardly worn them but about to start the process as my main denim. 


I cant find out any info about them online. I assume they are unsanforized (as my other the flat head and RJB's are). Anyone know the weight of them out of interest? or any other info and specs? They are DF02 or DFO2?


My main question relates to the hot pre-soak when brand new and before the first wear that I should have done for unsanforized denim. Unfortunately, I have already worn them around 15 times and I didnt pre-soak them first. Is it too late, or should I still pre-soak them?




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What's up with this thread? I can hear my laptop keys echoing in here....

Anyway, selling a great pair of RJB x SE 106BSP jeans in size 31 for a good price. The jeans have been worn little - pics and description in the classifieds.
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The last time I posted in this thread was 2007. Sweet.
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