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For Sale: Sz EU50 NWOT jackets, Sartorio Napoli, Southwick/Loro Piana cashmere

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For Sale:
Sz EU50 NWOT jackets, Sartorio Napoli, Southwick/Loro Piana cashmere

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A number of suits/jackets that do not fit (due to working out). Most of them are brand new with/without tags and they have never been worn (with the exception of the Borrelli jacket). There are no signs of wear whatsoever, even in the used jacket. Their size is the typical EU50, which corresponds to a trim US40R. There are no pets nor smokers in my household and all my clothes are taken care of really well.

Prices include shipping and shipping insurance to continental US (+shipping difference for shipping outside of US) and are firm. If these items do not sell at the asked prices, there will be periodic price reductions. Please do not ask me to hold an item. I will accept Paypal. Prices are EXCLUSIVE to Paypal/credit card fees.

Detailed measurements are provided, all in inches. Measurements were taken with the jacket lying flat, waist button buttoned. Brief explanation of measurements:

Sh (shoulders, seam-to-seam)
Ch (chest: armpit-to-armpit)
W (waist, at level of upper button, for 2-button-front jackets, or at middle button, for 3-button-front jackets)
L (length, along the back, from bottom of collar to back hem)
Sl (sleeve, from shoulder seam to sleeve hem)

Sartorio (Kiton) charcoal/gray/olive wool tweed jacket, sz EU50, NWOT

Sartorio is the "younger" line of Kiton. Construction quality is still excellent but with less intricate handwork; fit and styling is more modern than regular Kiton line.

This is a rare example of a tweed jacket offered in a typical Neapolitan fit. The fabric is a heavy weight winter tweed. Colors are charcoal, medium and light grey and olive. 2-button front, high lapels and armholes, defined waist, unpadded shoulders, unlined, fully-canvassed, dual vent. Looks amazing with jeans or causal pants.

This jacket has not been worn or altered.

Ch 21
Sh 18
W 19.5
L 29.5
Sl 24 (+2)

Price: $350 --> $290 --> $250

photo DSC_0095.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

photo DSC_0096.jpg

photo DSC_0097.jpg
photo 2015-12-27 11.31.01.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.37.22.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.31.31.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.31.42.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.32.46.jpg

John W. Nordstrom (Napoli di Nordstrom), camel Loro Piana cashmere jacket, sz US40, NWOT

Napoli di Nordstrom was a high-end sub-label of John W Nordstrom clothing line. It was made in the US by Southwick and was considered by Styleforum to be excellent value, due to very high fabric and construction quality.

The 100% Loro Piana cashmere fabric of this jacket is probably worth the asking price alone. It's a medium/heavy weight, buttery soft, tightly-woven twill fabric, that drapes fantastically and has a very slight sheen. Very luxurious and expensive-looking overall. Color is most accurate in the first picture; it's a warm, darker camel brown. 2-button front, smokey mother of pearl buttons, half-canvassed, fully lined in silk. The silhouette is typical American, sack-style, with darts but not very defined waist and very little shoulder padding. The shoulders are defined and structured. Dual vents.

The jacket has not been worn or altered.

Sh 18.5
Ch 21.5
W 19.5
L 30.5
Sl 26 (+2)

Price: $200 --> $150 --> $100

photo DSC_0081.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

photo DSC_0082.jpg

photo DSC_0083.jpg


photo 2015-12-27 11.38.49.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.28.28 HDR.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.29.39.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.29.14.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.29.58.jpg


1) Adriano & Sons (Adriano Fracassi, made by Rafaelle Caruso), medium/light gray flannel wool suit, sz50EU, NWOT

A very neapolitan-style quality suit, made by Raffaele Caruso. A&S was a small Italian label run by Adriano Fracasi; their suits and jackets were made by Raffaele Caruso, to Ralph Lauren Black label standards.

Ticket pocket, 3-roll-2 button front, fully-canvassed, unlined, soft shoulders, high armholes, trim fit, shorter skirt. Trousers are flat front, button-fly. Lots of very discreet pick-stitching, horn buttons, hand-made button holes. Fabric is a medium/heavy weight flannel, 100% wool, very soft and smooth, with amazing drape. Color is most accurate in the first picture (medium to light gray overall). The silhouette is very elegant, with very natural shoulders, very elegant lapel roll and trim waist, dual vents. The trouser fit is typical Italian, with relatively low-rise, trim through the thigh, slim leg ending.

This suit has never been worn or altered (except that the trousers were hemmed).

Sh 18
Ch 21
W 19
L 28.5
Sl 26 (+1)

Waist 17.5
Rise 10
Thighs (parallel to waist) 13
Inseam 31+2
Leg 8

Price: SOLD

photo DSC_0085.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

photo DSC_0086.jpg

photo DSC_0087.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.19.31.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.20.06.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.21.39.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.23.27.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.22.11.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.22.44.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.22.58.jpg

Stile Latino (Attolini) dark gray wool jacket, sz EU50, NWT
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Stile Latino is to Attolini what Sartorio is to Kiton (see item above).

This is a most favorite jacket that unfortunately I could never fit. Farbic is 100% wool, with a square basket-weave pattern, medium to light weight (fall/winter/spring). Overall cut is very Neapolitan, with a defined waist, high armholes and slim sleeves. The shoulder construction is the most flattering I have ever seen: spalla camicia, with a tiny bit of padding that extends slightly beyond the seam and discreetly defines the shoulder line, while looking very natural. 3-roll-2 button front with an amazing lapel roll, fully-canvassed, unlined, horn buttons.

Ch 20.5
Sh 18
W 18.5
L 29
Sl 25 (+2)


photo DSC_0088.jpg

photo DSC_0089.jpg

photo DSC_0090.jpg

photo DSC_0091.jpg

photo DSC_0092.jpg

photo DSC_0093.jpg

photo DSC_0094.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.42.03.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.43.02.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.43.44.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.43.59.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.44.08.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.44.22.jpg

5) Mainline Borrelli-Loro Piana "storm system" wool charcoal flannel peacoat, sz EU48, USED
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Mainline Borrelli was made in Napoli to the highest standards. Nothing like the LB57, Luxury Vintage, LB Napoli etc cheaper labels that have been appearing recently on Yoox etc. Mainline Borrelli jackets and suits are fully hand-made and sold for several thousands of dollars.

This is a rare example of a single-breasted, padded peacoat/jacket for cold weather. Fabric is 100% heavy wool flannel by Loro Piana. Very tightly woven and almost water-proof. Padding and lining is Loro Piana's "storm system", which offers superior protection from the elements at minimal volume. Color is charcoal/gunmetal grey. Collar is genuine sheep shearling and is removable (hidden buttons). 3-button-front, side pockets, hand-warming pockets, several inside pockets. Hand-work everywhere, button holes, seams, pick stitching. Very nice shaped waist when buttoned. It's amazing how elegant a properly made Italian casual jacket can look...

I have worn this jacket about 5-10 times, and has been priced accordingly. It has always been a somewhat tight fit over sweaters and rarely was the weather here in Seattle appropriate to wear it with only a shirt underneath. I can find no signs of wear.

Ch 21
Sh 18
W 20
L 29
Sl 26 (+2)

Price: SOLD

photo DSC_0101.jpg

photo DSC_0102.jpg

photo DSC_0103.jpg

photo DSC_0104.jpg

photo DSC_0106.jpg

photo DSC_0107.jpg

photo DSC_0109.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.33.43.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.36.37.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.34.30.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.34.54.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.35.15.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.35.22.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.35.50.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.35.26.jpg

photo 2015-12-27 11.58.17.jpg

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Nordstrom-full or half canvassed?
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Nordstrom-full or half canvassed?

Appears to be fully canvassed.
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Appears to be fully canvassed.

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