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prom advice/help

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Hi, i'm having a prom after 2 month and i'm having trouble choosing an oxford toe cap. At first i ordered an oxford and pocket square from ASOS and i still couldn't find my package, so the worse thing that can happen is that i couldn't get my package but i will still get my refund. Now, i'm not sure if i should spend some money to purchase a quality Oxford shoes around $200 because i'm pretty sure i won't use the shoes so often and i'm going to college next year. Also, for my first pocket square do i go for a simple white color?


Thank you.

My outfit 

Tailored Navy suit 

White dress shirt with french cuff

Black bow tie

Orient bambino watch

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I still tjink you should get yourself a good pair of black oxford shoe since they are timeless and will come in handy in future.

I will suggest you to have a look in benchgrade Crockett & Jones and/or Scotchgrain. Both are slightly above budget but they have good price/value ratio.
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what do u think about shoes around 200-400$ like AE, meermin, paul evans? I think they are good starter for a student.

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They're more than good enough for a student.

Also, a watch isn't recommended, for that traditionally is not part of formal wear.
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