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Thoughts on outfit?

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Thoughts on how to improve the look?


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Hey Ryan, I've always found long sleeve shirts and shorts to be rather silly.  The colors in that shirt are also a little bright for those shoes.

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Yeah it's not impossible, but that's not the way to do it.


When I wear a button down with shorts, I usually roll the sleeves, wear a solid color, and wear sockless loafers instead of sneakers.

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I see two nice looking people who make an attractive couple.  Your smiles convey a sense of warmth and friendliness. 


My point of view is as a photographer, not as a stylist, so my suggestions will be more appropriate for a photos session, although I believe the basic concepts are true whether for a photo session or casual attire. Please realize that I these would be my suggestions were I to have you in my studio for a portrait.


Solid colors for both.


For the lady:

  1. Blue is fine with your blond hair, however, stay clear of dark blue tones.  (Dark colors will overpower your skin tones and draw attention to the color and not to your face. The dark blue sweater is too dark. In a photo it will appear as black or dark purple)
  2. I think you would look fantastic wearing peach tones, or pale yellow. 
  3. Choose a dress that flows and that does not divide your height. 
  4. Short sleeve is fine, but not sleeveless. (just makes for a more formal photo)
  5. No sweater with a dress.
  6. Shoes with low heels. If you choose a yellow dress, yellow shoes will look good. Light tan shoes will be fine, or maybe off-white. 
  7. Bring some yellow in the form of a scarf, or gold earrings, bracelet, and necklace.
  8. If the pink bracelet has some sentimental value or other significance, then wear it, otherwise wear a narrow gold bracelet that does not have things attached to it.
  9. A low-cut dress is fine, but I think it would be more flattering if you had a necklace.  Something simple. 


For the gentleman:

  1. Never wear any color that has red tones.  This includes pink and burgundy.  With that said, some plaid shirts with red tones might look fine.  Red does not work well in a photograph.  Also, it is not going to be a flattering color for you.
  2. My personal preference if for long pants for gentlemen, although I also realize that my ideas are old-fashioned. 
  3. Men look best with Navy blue pants and a contrasting shirt, or earth tones.  (Everyone look good wearing earth tones; I just prefer pastels for ladies with blond hair.)
  4. If you want to wear shorts, navy blue is a good choice. 
  5. Brown sandals with shorts, or other style of casual leather shoes, but not dark brown.
  6. If you choose to wear long pants, wear brown lace-up shoes.  A walnut color is a good choice, something with some yellow tones in it. 
  7. I think navy blue shorts would be a good option.  Save your white shorts for when you are on your yacht, in which case please invite me.  
  8. A yellow shirt would look good with navy blue shorts, but others might disagree. 
  9. A short sleeve shirt with shorts is the better option, as was mentioned
  10. Shirt should be tucked into your shorts (others will disagree).
  11. Brown belt to match your shoes.
  12. Wear a hat with a 3” brim.  Not a baseball cap.  If you have never worn a brimmed hat, you will be surprised how good they look.  The hat should be match your shoes.  I am not suggesting a cowboy hat. Choose a fedora style or a Stetson ‘western’ style, which is a blend of the traditional cowboy hat and a fedora. The style of hat depends on the part of the country you live in.  Here in ranch country I could wear a cowboy hat to church and fit right in. In Florida, a baseball cap might be more appropriate. In Wisconsin a stocking cap might be needed.


Notice what the overall look for both will be.  Blue, which is a primary color, and yellow, which is also a primary color.  A couple should look good together, but not matched like bookends. 

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Good feedback, thank you. Interestingly enough, i found a nice hat at Chappel while on vacation (the photo was from our family vacation at Disney last week). If you ignore our "rockstar" pose, you'll see the hat below. You mention color of shirts and skin tones. I like the way I look in black, untucked shirts, but most likely because I am portly. Thoughts??


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Clothes that fit is crucial.  If you wear your belt where you did as a kid, then a tucked in shirt will not look as good as if you wear the waistband at the place intended.  In other words, wear your belt around your waist, not your hips.  This will feel strange at first, but it will look much better.


If I may be blunt, ditch the shorts and sneakers.  Shorts cut the body into three pieces: lower legs, knees to waist, and the torso. The result is that the eye is drawn to the middle, where we don't want it. I just don't understand the preference for shorts. I don't want to see hairy legs.  Let's move past the kids clothes and dress like men.


I am acquainted with a teenager who goes to a private school where proper grooming is mandated and a uniform is required.  He gets noticed, he looks good, he is proud of himself and carries himself with confidence and dignity.  He is also one of the most polite and well mannered teenagers I have ever met. My point is this: wearing clothes that make us look good, do more than make us look good. 


Wear long pants that fit as they should.  This will mean buying a larger size than you have in the past.  Wear shirts of a size that allows the fabric to lay not pull.  Every man who wants to dress well, needs to find a good tailor.    No one cares if you (myself also) carry a few more pounds than we did five years ago.  If we wear clothes that look good on us, then those who see us will be impressed.


Long pants will elongate your body, making you look, less portly (your word).  You can then wear a shirt with a subtle vertical stripe.


I like the hat. I had the Panama hat style in mind as I pondered your situation. 


Here is one that want to fit into my closet.

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About black shirts.  I see no reason to deprive yourself of wearing colors, that will make you look better, just because you are self conscience about your body.  If you wear flattering colors and clothes that fit, anyone who sees you will see the whole person, and have a positive impression.


The other approach is to transform your body.  This takes a lot more work, but it can be done.  I can help with that also. 



Which man has better clothes and looks better?











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A couple of clarifications if you don't mind:

Explain "lay, not pull" regarding fit.

Also, I was wearing shorts because it was our escape from the Midwest during winter. Would a light weight chino be a better choice?

Let's talk versatile shoes (chinos and dark denim). Are boat shoes the standard?
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I hope you saw the graphic I added to the above post. 


A shirt that is too tight in the waist will cause the fabric to pull at the buttons.  This is not the look you want.  You may need to buy a larger shirt and have the sleeves shortened.  The shirt needs to lay flat without pulling at the buttons. 


I doubt if wearing shorts makes the body any cooler than wearing long pants.  Yes, a pair of pants that fit well, will always look better.  Chinos are a good choice and they come in many colors.  If you are used to dark colors, then continue to wear dark pants until you are used to lighter colors. 

Shoes: we have it easier than the ladies do because we have less than one hundred styles to choose from.  The ladies have thousands of different styles.  Wear adult shoes.  This means leather lace-up or slip-on, but always leather.  I have two tone shoes, cowboy boots, hiking shoes, winter boots, summer hiking boots, two or three pairs of dress shoes.  I need some tan dress shoes to wear with Navy slacks but I digress.

Dress slacks should be worn with lace-up shoes.  Although, here in cowboy country, I can wear maple dress boots with Navy slacks.  some will grimace at that.  I am short and chubby so I like to wear a cowboy heel, which is 1 ¾ inches as opposed to a 2 inch riding heel on my cowboy boots.  No one seems to notice but feel better just a tad higher from the ground. 

Slip-on shoes with tan or brown chinos are fine.  Once you get to the darker colors, my preference is for tan, maple, or some other lighter brown lace-up shoe. Although that is personal preference.

I would not call boat shoes the standard men’s shoe by any means.  Boat shoes with casual pants can look good if the shoes don’t contrast too much.  Dark pants and boat shoes just don’t look good, in my opinion.

Socks should be the same color as the trousers, so when you sit, and your socks show, they become an extension of your trousers.  Also, if you wear boat shoes and sit, please don’t let them hang part way off.  

You want a line of colors and fabric from your shoes to your hat.  While you can, wear tan trousers with a blue shirt, my preference is for dark trousers and a lighter shirt of the same tone. 

Your belt should be the same color as your shoes.  

Keep your shoes shined and a crease in your pants.  A famous stand-up comedian back in the day when performers wore tuxedos never sat down after he put his tux trousers on. 

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and your point is what?

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You like a casual look, take a look at these pants. 




the boat shows you like would work well, notice what the model is wearing. 

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Wow. The look with the hat is awful to be blunt. Also the guy wearing those mandals in the photo needs to incinerate those things stat. A Panama hat with a t shirt and shorts is not a good look at all.

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Originally Posted by Streettrash View Post

Wow. The look with the hat is awful to be blunt. Also the guy wearing those mandals in the photo needs to incinerate those things stat. A Panama hat with a t shirt and shorts is not a good look at all.


In the sketch, the man on the left is not well dressed, while the man on the right is better, that was the point.  I agree about the sandals of course.  I like the idea of a hat, but a Panama hat might not be the best for him, since he likes to dress more casual.  There are many more options for a hat.

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In the sketch, the man on the left is not well dressed, while the man on the right is better, that was the point.  I agree about the sandals of course.  I like the idea of a hat, but a Panama hat might not be the best for him, since he likes to dress more casual.  There are many more options for a hat.

I'm referring to the photo with the four people in it. That guy wearing the mandals and short shorts. Shock and awe. 

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