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Hi Everyone


We are trying to decide whether or not we visit Micam or Pitti this year. We already know that Carmina are visiting Pitti and not Micam, so that already sways us heavily in favour of Pitti. 


The thing that concerns me is that even after looking at the Pitti website it is not immediately obvious how many footwear brands will be there. I recognise some of the UK and continental brands, but many of the other brands are unknown to me and I know many will be clothing brands which will not be of interest to us.


On a non business point I also love Florence. I've never been to Milan, but I am quite sure I wont love it as much as Florence, where I have been several times. I suspect I will be able to combine a few days away with my wife whilst we are there.


So we are tending towards Pitti as you can see, but I want somebody to reassure me that we wont turn up and find that Carmina is the only useful encounter (though it will be very useful)!


Thanks in advance for any useful pointers.