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My tailor has told me, and I have seen that Loro Piana has come down on the price of suits made from their wool (which is fine by me because I rate them #1 in the mfg of fine men's suit wool particularly for wool climates in the S130 range (which Styleforum measured back in 2006 as really coming closer to S150) and my S150 Loro Piana suit was incredible.  


I was wondering, however, since my MTM (which is more be-spoke than MTM than suits advertised by Samuelsohn which were a waste of time and money and ended up on the dump heap along with $20K of my cash, how much more Zegna's fabrics are from S130-S150 per sq yd, than Loro Piana, retail.  Anyone knowing the answer to this question will have my undying gratitude.