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Shoes for winter weather?

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Hi everybody.


I am originally from Miami, Florida but now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I have been trying to figure out what shoes to wear in winter with either slacks and a dress shirt, or a suit (perhaps not the same shoe for those).  I went to an AE store and see some have Dainite soles.  I haven't a clue how much better those would be than leather soles in winter.  Silly question - what do people wear in winter with, say, dress slacks and dress shirts (but not necessarily a suit), or alternatively with a suit?


I see there are "Commando" outsoles, and a bunch of others discussed online, but I'm honestly lost.  I'm trying to avoid slipping and falling on snow or ice, as I have existing back and neck injuries, but I'd like to wear decent shoes during winter, as opposed to sneakers or hiking boots.  I'm looking for shoes that will go with dress slacks and/or a suit, but that I won't go slipping too easily in during inclement winter weather.


Any help is appreciated.

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Get galoshes or over soles and just wear them on your leather sole shoes when you go outdoors.
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I either wear my AE Long Branches with the commando sole, or a pair of LL Bean Boots and carry my shoes with me.

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Bean boots. I live in Boston and we get a lot of snow/ice (not as much as MN but still). Dress shoes can usually survive snow... But once it turns into icy slush with salt and chemicals, you will be ice skating in leather soles or even non treaded rubber soles. Bean boots will give you traction and save your good shoes.

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Thanks. I wasn't sure where I could try on LL Bean stuff locally, but I was near an AE store and liked the Long Branches, so I ordered a pair. They're my first AE shoes. I've read good things about AE and see they're liked on this board.
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For a high end solution there's Ludwig Reiter:

I have their dress shoes. They're great.
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