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Which dress shoe brands come in NARROW?

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I am a size 9.5 B in Allen Edmond Strand (and have it in Walnut). I am not a fan of many of the other AE shoe styles though and loooking to buy some more dress shoes. Unfortunately, can't find any shoes that fit.


The problem is when I lace most shoes up the laces come all the way together and there is too much room in the midfoot (my instep is shallow). 


I was on vacation in Budapest and was about to order a pair of custom made Vass shoes but then they said that the first pair of custom shoes has to be picked up in person 6 weeks after ordering, which obviously I could not do.


I am looking for any dress shoes that are AE quality and better. I would rather not pay more than 5-600 though (the Vass was about 700 euros but those would have fit perfectly). I appreciate any help!

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Alden. The Shoe Mart in Connecticut carries a lot of inventory in narrow widths. They also have a semi-secret list of factory seconds that they will send to you regularly. I don't have a link but search "Shoe Mart Alden Irregulars" or something similar and you'll find it.

I believe that there are threads here describing the various AE and Alden lasts.
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I'm not interested in any other AE shoes and not a huge fan of Aldens. Looking for some shoes with more modern lasts... 

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Beyond AE and Alden, the main options for narrow shoes are:
Some major English makers like Alfred Sargent and Crockett and Jones are available in narrow sizes branded as Brooks Brothers' Peal or English lines and Polo Ralph Lauren's Made in England line.
Similarly, Grenson makes the Stuart's Choice line for Paul Stuart.
Spanish makers Meermin and Carmina have narrow lasts.
Some Italian makers like Santoni, Ferragamo, Barrett, and Cortina/Martegani have narrow sizes and/or narrow lasts.

Cheapest of these is probably Meermin. You can find lots of info on all of these options by searching the forum.
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Thanks! I will look into these brands. 

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