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Hi all,


Just picked up some Maison Kitsune pieces for a good deal but I'm off by one size for a sweater & button down. I believe materials for both are 100% cotton. Pictures/details below:


The Oxford is a size 37, or XS EU. I'm 5'8" with a slim/athletic build and would better suit a size 38/39. The shirt, as it is, fits a little shorter than I'd like. I've seen articles about "un-shrinking" clothes that get shrunk by the wash, but never anything about intentionally lengthening a shirt using the same process. Has anyone ever attempted the same or encountered a similar dilemma? And how did it turn out?


The sweater, on the other hand, is a size L. A size M would fit me perfectly. Typically I like to dry clean the pieces I love most, as giving clothes the standard washer/dryer treatment tends to ruin the material in my mind. In this case, the sweater would actually benefit from a little shrinkage. Is the standard practice here to cold wash / tumble dry low? Or any other recommendations that won't affect the fabric as much?


Thanks in advance. I apologize if any of these questions seem dumb or rudimentary, lol.