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I seriously question wether or not the SF of days past were really as fantastic as people say they were. There might have been the good thread here or there, but I doubt it was exclusively .5%ers educating each other on the merits of such-and-such. They've moved on to other mediums of communication.
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Btw Manton is still around here somewhere. But now it seems he is here for the sole purpose of giving edina dating advice
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They're all around, but I don't think that handful of posters really made up the whole forum. If they did, it's no wonder they're gone. They said what they needed to say to each other and left.
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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post

One should also ask why the front page is constantly clogged by affiliate threads and other information relating to stuff for sale, as opposed to random discussions of sartorial matters.

This saddens me too.
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kop moar kop moar

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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post

I doubt that Manton, Vox, or Foo are now flogging rags.

Mind you are they really that special? I mean without wanting to upset people, Foo has bought what a dozen (maybe less) garments from Rubinacci? I don't think that makes you an expert on tailoring or even on Rubinacci, or even that extraordinary of a client for a place like that. Now I suppose I am talking about Foo here because I know the most about him, but I think the biggest draw is that he goes to high end makers, but.....lots and lots of people do, every day. His experience is interesting and valuable to a point but I think it was just fetishised by the aspirational posters you talk about that were always here and who can only dream of fine tailoring.

Its tough though because people that really buy high end tailoring do not tend to post about it and I agree thats a shame in a way but then i understand it. A CEO, business owner, or a Partner in a firm probably has little time or inclination to post on here, they do read though in my experience.
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All online communities have changed in the last decade and especially post 2008. So much more specialized information is now available on menswear and bespoke and it goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities. Ten years ago, bespoke information was extremely difficult to find. You had to spend a lot of time and effort to research options and it was very, very difficult to find good information. Now, most tailors, brands and enthusiasts can communicate directly with customers and potential customers rather than relying upon a handful of experienced forum members to spread the word.

As far ar ads and stories about brands, tailors, etc., on the front page of Styleforum, what do you expect? When you read the business news, isn't it all about monetizing a website? That is the online world.

There is still lots of quality content here on Styleforum and it continues to be an excellent resource for discovering new and emerging looks, styles, tailors, and talent.
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The discussion of full bespeaking of clothing has diminished, as there are fewer full bespeakers writing up the bespeaking experience. And that is a loss. (I think there might be as much or more discussion of the bespeaking of shoes, however.) There is still significant discussion of custom clothing, cloth selection, fit, pattern, color, etc. Some of it is in AV threads, some isn't.

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As far as Iammatt, and a few others, they just get tired rehashing the same things over, over and over again.Iammatt, as an example went to a lot of effort to take excellent photos, cropping them, and describing in great detail the maker, and special features only to have some clown come along and make silly or idiotic comments without any understanding of personal style, bespoke or quality apparel. Iammatt is certainly a big boy and can defend himself, but it gets tiring to have those same stupid comments come up and have to discuss what he has so well expressed many time before.
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I should've been clearer: I'm not lamenting just the paucity of threads about bespoke stuff. I started getting bespoke clothes around 2007. By 2012 or so I had formed a good sense of what I liked and wanted. These days I order a suit or equivalent a year, if that. I've almost run out of closet space and in any case I'm working on simplifying my life. I've now even reverted away from bespoke: I regularly buy RTW shirts now since my default choice is a relatively roomy OCBD. I even buy the odd RTW tailored garment, when I'm looking for something with a more industrial aesthetic. I've never bought bespoke shoes because I can't reasonably afford them. All this just to say that it's not as if I'm craving more 'high disposable income' posts. What I'm saying is that in this place one could find an articulate discussion of the sartorial nuances of various characters in a film like Metropolitan, say. Or I remember a long thread in which I had a protracted exchange with Vox about whether one could have too many clothes -- the Biddle wardrobe and all that. Where's that sort of thing gone?
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To the OP, isn't it obvious - most people now just read permanent style for their sartorial fix. Second I guess would be social media I suppose.

I browse here once week or so, but it does seem mainly now like a venue for people to sell stuff or for people to organise trunk shows. No shame or bad in either of those things but difficult to cut through when you just want to exchange or read ideas about bespoke.
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I find Permanent Style quite affected. Besides, it's a blog, not a peer to peer conversation. I suppose there's the London Lounge, but that too is quieter these days. This place was something else, anyhow.
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The other way to look at this is if I want to get info on bespoke I can enter into direct dialog with experienced customers that I can follow on Instagram, their blogs, etc., and have direct contact with the bespoke makers on their social media. For that reason the purpose of a forum like Styleforum serves an different and evolving purpose.
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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post

I find Permanent Style quite affected. Besides, it's a blog, not a peer to peer conversation. I suppose there's the London Lounge, but that too is quieter these days. This place was something else, anyhow.

More affected than someone who said people couldn't know anything about bespoke until they'd ordered 12 suits from the same tailor?
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