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I'm having a custom carry-on duffel/backpack bag made, and I need to pick the fabric and colour to use. I'll be using it mainly for airline travel.


Using a more durable fabric, VX-42, the colour choices are either black or white:


(Below pictures are just for colours - the actual bag will be different).



Better Quality Image -





Better Quality Image -


I think the black looks a bit boring, but the white is also quite "loud".


The fabric is sail-cloth material, so is easy to keep clean/wipe down. (i.e. I'm not so worried about the white getting dirty - this is just aesthetics).


If I opt for a less durable fabric (VX-21), I can also choose a gray colour:


Better Quality Image -


I quite like the gray colour, but I think I need the more durable fabric.


What do you guys think? If it was between the black and the white, which would you go for? Or do you dislike both, and would go for the gray?


Feel free to add your comments/thoughts! =)