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Navy wallets for men?

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What is the consensus on navy leather for men? Bold and different or is it best to stick with black/brown/tan/burgundy? 

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I don't see any problem with a navy wallet. For me it is an elegant color and if a see someone with a navy, well made quality wallet I think that this person has more refined taste than the average John Doe.
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Are you a woman buying a gift for a man?

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Ettinger makes some very nice navy wallets. I don't happen to own one at this time, but that could change.

Admittedly, navy is a somewhat uncommon color for a men's wallet, but by no means is it a truly bizarre choice. Now, a lime green or fuchsia men's leather wallet...

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I have a navy wallet from Kamakura. I like the quirky color
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Navy is perfectly fine. It's not like your wallet will always be visible, and navy is not that eccentric of a color so as to shock people when you do bust out the wallet. Veterans of the board may remember a certain dark green wallet that was also nice.
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