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Andrew marc jacket

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Hello gents, long time member, seldom do I post however.  I started law school a couple of weeks ago in Kingston, Ontario which has some pretty bad winters.  Since I walk to class, I need a heavy jacket, probably with a hood.  As a student I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I still want to purchase a quality product.  I saw an Andrew Marc jacket for $550 (Cdn.) at Harry Rosen which I quite like.  I know Andrew Marc makes quality leather goods but how is the quality of the other outerwear?  If anyone can suggest any brands, or styles, that would be appreciated.  I thank you in advance for your time.
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Hey, that's my home town, and I'm a Queen's alum. Trust me, after trudging home from class in the dark, at 4:30 in the afternoon, your favorite color will be "warm". There is nothing like a Canadian winter to kick the frivolity out of your system (and Kingston in *nothing* as bad as Winnipeg.) Andrew Marc makes pretty good leather jackets - but if you hope to survive the winter with that, you'd better make sure that it has a nice, warm, lining. Where are you living, btw?
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Hey LA Guy, I'm from the Toronto area so I have some experience with Canadian winters but I am not used to walking to class. I'm living at the intersection of Mack and Toronto, close to Victoria Park. I have yet to master the city but at least I can make it to class and the library. The Andrew Marc jacket I was looking at is not actually leather. It is a down-filled jacket with lining that comes out. It also has a detachable hood with fur lining. I already have a number of winter jackets but none of them are water resistant and I know that will be an issue when the snow starts to come down. I really like the way the jacket looks (hunter green with removable orange lining) and it is pretty versatile. My only worry is about the quality, I know nothing about the quality of Andrew Marc jackets that are not leather. Being a student, $550 (Cdn.) could come in handy elsewhere. I wish I could post a pick of the jacket but I can't find one on-line. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please post. Thanks.
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If you're going to be walking around in Kingston a lot, forget the jacket, and invest in some goretex boots. I know, looks bad, blah blah blah, but seriously, Kingston is one slushy city come winter, with frequent thaws followed by a weeks of miserable wetness. I still have the pair of Vasque Sundowners that kept my feet cosy for years. As for the jacket - it sounds fine - as long as you like the style and it is pretty warm. You'll find that K-town isn't the most fashion conscious city anyway.
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LA Guy, excellent point about the shoes. I totally overlooked the slush factor when walking around as much as I will have to. Any tips for brands or designs that are functional but still somewhat stylish? The boots I have right now are Chelsea boots but I don't think that they're cut out for prolonged winter exposure. I think I'll probably end up getting the jacket, I don't really have the time to look around and comparison shop. I'll be back in Toronto Thanksgiving so I think I'll make my way over to Harry Rosen and pick up the jacket. Do you ever make it back down to Kingston? If so, let me know when, drinks are on me.
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I never would have guessed someone called LA guy would be from kingston ;p Ranjeev, I'm not sure what the weather is like in kingston, but in waterloo and toronto I can't ever remember it being too bad. I bought a 3/4 length (drops to just below the knees) overcoat a couple of years ago and I don't think I could do without it in the winter. Having the top of your legs covered makes such a big difference, especially when it's windy. In selecting an overcoat (if you decide to go with one), you'll wan't to chose one with a relatively high closure so that your chest isn't exposed very much. The V of my coat is a bit bigger than I would have chosen if I bought a new one today, but I wrap a cashmere scarf around my neck and then tuck in the ends so that the open V part is completely covered. I live in montreal and this keeps me really warm. The only time i get a bit cold is when it's REALLY windy and the wind blows right through my coat. This doesn't happen very often though. I also don't really wear a lot underneath. Maybe a t-shirt under a sweater and that's it. I could definitely stay warmer in these conditions if I layered a bit more.. If I got one of those big puffy jackets with tons of insulation, I'm sure that my upper body would be a bit warmer, but then my legs would get really cold, so i think overcoats are warmer overall. Check, they've got some coats on there right now and maybe you'll get lucky with available sizes.
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Hey GQGeek, thanks for the advice. I agree with you that a ¾ length jacket is key. I don't wear bomber jackets anyway, I don't feel comfortable in them. The weather in Kingston is a little bit harsher than Toronto but not as bad as Montreal, from what I hear. I can't find a picture of the Andew Marc jacket but I have a link to a similar looking jacket. Since I walk to all of my classes, with a ton of books, laptop, lunch, etc., I have decided to forgo a super stylish jacket in order to have a jacket that will keep me dry and warm at all times. Let me know what you think. The Andrew Marc jacket is a bit more stylish and versatile but a bit more expensive. BTW, Queen's Law was partying in Montreal last weekend. I decided to head back to Toronto instead but I might be in Montreal in late November to watch the Habs play the Wings.
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That jacket will definitely keep you warm ;p btw, thanks for the heads-up on the habs vs. wings game in nov. I hadn't thought to see when the wings would be in town and I guess it's not too far off. I've been a wings fan since 93 but I haven't been to a single wings game in that time (keep missing them). I really wish they had signed Fedorov though =/
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I'm sure the jacket will keep me warm and this style of jacket is pretty much ideal for what I need. I just have to decide now whether to purchase the Timberland jacket (cheaper) or the Andrew Marc jacket (more versatile and probably better quality). I'm a huge Wings fans as well. Looking at my schedule however, it doesn't look like I'll be able to make it Best of luck in getting tickets and thanks for your comments.
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whichever is higher quality is the one you'll be happiest with over the long term, assuming all other aesthetic concerns are to your satisfaction. then again, how long do you expect to have the jacket?...good luck.
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I'll probably be forced to get the Andrew Marc jacket because the Timberland jacket won't be in stock for at least a couple of weeks at the Toronto store. I'll be wearing the jacket for at least 3 years, the time I'll be in law school. I like the style of jacket so I'll probably wear it for a number of years afterwards. It is a bit difficult to justify a big expense (big for a lowly student anyways) when there is a cheaper alternative. Stay tuned to this channel to see how the adventures of Ranjeev's jacket turn out...
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