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Barker Sherwood MTO: Opinions?

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I have been lurking here for a while and much appreciate the advice I have found. Now I need some more specific help. I hope to find it here. Thanks in advance!


I am looking for at boot for solder, rainy days an snow etc. (I live in Denmark). I want to be able to wear them to the office (business casual setting) as well as to the playground with the kids or for a walk in the woods. Also, paying more than GBP 300 is difficult for me emotionally, although not impossible financially. I want quality and durability, but I also want value for money.


My current shoe line up consists of various models from Loake and Herring. I like those, but I am also curious to see what the higher quality brands have to offer. Although I am not sure I am ready to pay for it.


Right now the best I have found is the MTO Barker Sherwood that Pediwear offers:


What do I like about those? The description Pediwear has is pretty accurate for what I am looking for:


We asked the fine artisans at Barker HQ to make us a boot that had the practicality of country attire but with a more stylish or urban aesthetic. (from:


I also like the fact that there are no speed hooks, no pebble grain, no brouge, no nonsense so to speak.


What I do not like is that the leather seems to have some darker coloring that makes it look sort of "fake" to me, too much like a pair of pre-washed jeans. Those darker areas - I do not like those.


I also realize that this is probably not much higher quality than Loake 1880 or Herring. As I said I would like to go a little higher in quality, but I can also live with something similar in quality to Loake 1880.


My questions for you guys (and girls) are these:


Would this boot be on par with Loake 1880, in terms of quality? Maybe better? Possibly worse?


Is the price (GBP 260) fair for these boots?


The darker coloring of the leather that I do not like: Will this fade with wear and shoe polish? I consider waxing the shoes to water proof them. That should darken the leather and maybe hide the funky coloring?


Do you have any other suggestions based on these boots? I have seen C&J Northcote, they look fantastic, but I really do not want to spend GBP 400+ on boots. I could pay a bit more than GBP 300, though, if the jump in quality justifies.


Thank you!

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I have handled these and they appeared to be higher quality than loake 1880 and herring. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those brands. The leather isn't remotely 'fake'. Actually very high quality. That patina is actually what you're paying more for. If you want a boot on the same last but for a lot less you can shop around and get the lambourne by barker in different shades. Pediwear will even price match. Last time I checked you could save 90 pounds or so, which is daylight robbery, especially with shoe trees. At full price, for the quality and the fact they are entirely made in England, 260 is an extremely fair price. Same quality as Church's at half the price.

Bought for exact same purpose as yourself but the fit was not right.
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Thank you. Vey helpful to hear from someone who has seen the boots in real life.


So, patina is what they call it. I am really not sure that I like that concept. Do you think the applied color will stay, or might it go away with wear and polish?

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Well, like all leather, the polish/cream you apply will affect how they look. But no, it's not really 'applied'. That is just how they look and will continue to look. If you don't like the leather, why don't you get the lambourne in a similar colour. It has speed hooks but is essentially the same shoe on the same last, for a lot less money, with a leather you might like more. To me, the Sherwood looks like a more expensive shoe than it is for the quality of the leather. This is often the case for shoes that are made especially for herring and pediwear.
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