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Hi Styleforum,


After much consideration, I've decided to go with MTM for my tuxedo. I managed to find a tailor, somewhere in Europe, whose MTM prices isn't that of a second hand car. It's a tux for my wedding and I definitely intend to use it around thrice a year. I go for plays and fine dinners.


A feel of my style is classic, midnight blue with black peak lapels, one button, jetted pockets, nothing flashing out.

One final question. Material? I have suits but this is my first tuxedo. The lapels will be satin so for the main cloth, what's your take on the following.


Wool cashmere? My inspiration is from Craig's tuxedo in Skyfall, with shawl lapels switched to peak.
Wool silk? I haven't heard this blend for a tuxedo. But my understanding is that the silk gives that slight sheen.
Wool mohair? Mohair for the sheen. But I don't like the coarseness of the moahir.
Wool? Standard but go for the highest grade wool.
Barathea? Apparently, this is the standard for tuxedos. Does this material have a little sheen?


My main focus is that I will pay for something that SHINES A LITTLE but is still subdued. That's why I'm thinking 80% wool 20% silk, if it's even appropriate for a tuxedo, or wool cashmere.


What you guys think? 


Sincerely Yours,